Yassuo’s journey, from defeating Faker and becoming a prominent figure in Eports, to his subsequent permanent ban on YouTube, is a well-known story in the League of Legends community. We deep dive into the transformation of Moe – from a leading League streamer to someone who ended up hating the game and community he once cherished. What happened to Yassuo and why does he stream casino content on Kick?

Who is Yassuo?

A brief background on Moe: he was born in June 1999 in the heart of New York, New York. While he’s an American citizen, both of his parents are Palestinian immigrants. Although he was born in New York, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

He spent several years gaining an audience showing his streaming skills in various eSports endeavors, especially League of Legends. Only later did he make his mark in the casino streaming scene. He first tried his luck on platforms like Rollbit, but now has firmly aligned with Stake.com as his primary gambling site.

Known for his engaging content and relatively laid-back demeanor compared to some of his Twitch peers, let’s take a closer look at who Yassuo is and what all the excitement surrounding him is really about.

Why is Yassuo famous?

Moe, more popularly known as Yassuo, initially soared to prominence in 2015 as a Twitch streamer. He was captivating audiences with his charismatic persona and exceptional LoL gameplay, specifically with the character Yassuo. His audience enjoyed how he played the character so much, he decided to go by the name Yassuo.

Over the years, he garnered a substantial following, solidifying his status as one of the community’s most beloved streamers. From 2015 to 2018, Moe’s popularity skyrocketed, thanks to his relatable nature and entertaining content. 

His humorous anecdotes and endearing clumsiness only enhanced his streams. Beyond the laughter and playful cringing, Moe’s mastery of the game stood out, achieving Challenger rank multiple times on various servers and crafting remarkable 1v5 highlight reels with League’s most notorious champion.

Altogether his partnership with his editor, Pinoy, gave rise to some of the most captivating League content on YouTube. His live streams as well as his YouTube uploads were cherished by his long-time fans. In many ways, young League of Legends enthusiasts grew up alongside Moe, witnessing his evolution and maturation over the years.

Yassuo’s passion for LoL

Moe often vocalized his concerns about the state of the game and Riot Games’ perceived shortcomings as developers. Because of this, he gained recognition not only for his lively banter with fellow streamers such as Tyler1 and Pokimane but his distaste for LoL. 

His participation in Twitch Rivals tournaments, particularly his rivalry with Tyler1, created compelling storylines within the League-streamer community. The peak of Moe’s career undoubtedly spanned from 2016 to 2019.

This era was marked by consistent high-quality content for his Twitch and YouTube audiences. His videos, affiliation with 100 Thieves, and LoL boot camps across the world offered engaging content for fans. Especially when against all odds, he ultimately achieved the impressive Grandmaster rank in Korea.

However, as the years passed, Yassuo’s passion for the game that catapulted him to stardom began to wane. His growing dissatisfaction with League became all too evident. His once-exaggerated rants transformed into genuine frustrations with the game’s state. It ended up giving viewers the impression that he was primarily playing to appease his fans rather than for personal enjoyment.

Moe’s decline as a League content creator and personality intensified upon his relocation to Los Angeles in 2020. The move led to involvement in influencer drama surrounding his ex-girlfriend Bella and fellow League streamer KatEvolved. 

Why Did Yassuo Stop Playing LoL?

Besides problems in his personal life, he negatively focused on the social scene in LA and showing off his wealth. This coupled with his shift towards other games like Valorant, Fall Guys, and Apex Legends, made it obvious he was done with League. He even pushed back against his fans’ requests to play more of it, deepening his aversion.

This transition to diverse gaming content posed challenges. Many long-time fans were simply not interested in watching him play other games. Consequently, a negative cycle ensued, causing a decline in viewership during non-League streams and further reinforcing his distaste for the game.

His YouTube channel’s viewership dwindled as well, as he uploaded less League-related content. Even with the remarkable editing skills of Pinoy his fans noticed his detachment when playing League, as if it had become a chore and burden.

Yassuo and Bella Causing Some Drama

Around the same time, Yassuo was in a relationship with a popular YouTuber and Instagram model Bella Su. They dated publicly in 2020, but they suffered a messy breakup and ultimately separated as a couple officially after a year. Shortly after they split, Yassuo made a post online letting his fans know that he had received a cease and desist from Bella.

Behind the scenes, Yassuo took the letter to his legal counsel. They assured him that the letter was indeed fake – even though Bella continued to claim their authenticity. Unfortunately, Bella’s move backfired on her, and she is now potentially facing legal action for forging a legal document. It’s also worth noting that she told Yassuo she was 24 years old at the time, when in fact she was actually 29 years old.

Yassuo later cited that they originally split because he wanted to focus on his career and since this public falling out, Yassuo hasn’t been publicly seen dating anyone.

What Happened to Yassuo?

The turning point that solidified Yassuo’s decline was the shift toward gambling content. Following a hiatus for partying in Mexico, Moe returned to LA.

But instead of streaming League or Valorant, he began frequently streaming slots and other online gambling games. This transition, whether driven by burnout, lucrative sponsorships, or personal reasons, couldn’t have been received worse by his fans. His growth on YouTube and Twitch plateaued, as 80-90 percent of his content revolved around gambling, primarily slots.

As a result, a significant portion of his fanbase dissipated overnight, alienated by the absence of League content. Moe’s disinterest in the game was evident, and he vocally expressed his preference for creating content that made him happy.

Yassuo’s Preferred Casino Games

Yassuo started streaming just like everyone else on Kick but he dedicates most of his casino streaming time to captivating slot machines. Instead of fixating on a single-slot game, he prefers to explore a range of popular options.

Some of his go-to picks include Wanted – Dead or Wild, Book of Shadows, Wild Frames, The Dog House, Fruit Party, Gates of Olympus, and several others with his biggest win was the max possible prize on Madame Destiny of $120,000.

Why Was Yassuo’s Channel Deleted?

An especially critical blow came to Yassuo when both of his YouTube channels were permanently banned. This erased years of exceptional League content. Moe defended himself, claiming he had not violated any rules, though he did upload banned gambling content. Twitch also implemented a policy against streaming gambling content, further complicating his content strategy.

At the time of this recording, Moe has returned to variety gaming and is playing League more frequently. He currently sitting in the Grandmaster rank while sticking to the champion that made him famous. Can you guess who?

It is hoped that he can rediscover his love for the game and return to his former glory. Moe remains one of the most exceptional and entertaining League content creators on Twitch and YouTube, and his journey is one that many fans continue to watch with anticipation and hope for a resurgence.

Yassuo’s Net Worth

Now, onto the question that’s worth its weight in gold. What’s Yassuo’s estimated net worth? The ballpark figure that often gets tossed around falls within the range of $1 million to $2 million, a quite remarkable sum for someone in their early twenties. 

However, the precise number remains elusive, even after a thorough investigation by our Clever Casino pro team. We’re confident the only people that know for sure are the IRS and Yassuo!

Looking Ahead

In the ever-changing world of online entertainment, Yassuo’s journey stands as a testament to the rise and evolution of digital sensations. From his modest beginnings in New York City to his prominence on Twitch, his story of content creation in LoL has been a journey.

Yassuo’s shift from League of Legends to casino streaming, filled with its ups and downs, showcases his ability to adapt in the industry. As fans continue to follow his path, they do so with hope for a comeback from a content creator who once captured their hearts. And for him to play more League.

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