Discover the remarkable ascent of Felix “xQc” Lengyel, one of the biggest names in the gaming and streaming universe. From his early days as an esports competitor to his Twitch dominance, xQc’s captivating journey is filled with twists and turns. We delve into his dramatic encounters, staggering net worth, and his latest high-end car addition. Come navigate the rollercoaster of fame and controversy that is xQc’s career.

xQc, currently a top figure on Kick and Twitch, didn’t start as a streamer. Originally from Canada, he began his career in esports. In 2018, he played Overwatch for the Dallas Fuel but faced suspensions that led to his dismissal. He then switched to full-time streaming in 2020. His Twitch channel, “xQcOW,” now boasts millions of followers.

Known for his diverse gaming content, xQc jumps between games like Valorant, GTA, Among Us, and Fall Guys. Besides his gaming skills, his competitive nature often leads to entertaining outbursts. 

However, xQc isn’t just known for gaming. He’s also one of Twitch’s most controversial personalities.

Frequently stirring the pot by calling out other streamers and exploring topics unrelated to gaming. Despite his bans, his fans remain dedicated through his controversies.  His captivating personality remains the reason he’s one of the biggest streamers today.

Real NameFélix Lengyel
Kick ChannelxQc (540,000 followers)
Twitch ChannelxQc (12m followers)
Marital StatusDivorced
Date of BirthNovember 12, 1995
Net Worth$110 million

xQc’s career at a glance

At just 19 years old, Lengyel began his streaming journey on Twitch. He started by playing League of Legends (LoL) and went by the name xQcLoL. The name “xQc” came from the last letter of his first name, ‘x,’ and the abbreviation for his home province, ‘QC,’ which is Quebec. 

This led him to change his alias to xQcOW to better represent his connection with Overwatch.

In the world of esports, Lengyel began by competing in smaller online tournaments for teams like DatZit Gaming. Then, in October 2016, he joined Denial Esports, a group into different games. But this team didn’t last, so Lengyel and his friends started their own team, first called Yikes and later changed to Arc 6.

During their time together, they took part in Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders. In 2017, he got the chance to represent Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup. They made it to the finals but lost to South Korea, and Lengyel was named the tournament’s most valuable player.

In October 2017, Lengyel joined the Dallas Fuel, a team in the first season of the Overwatch League (OWL). But before the season even began, he got into trouble with his personal Overwatch account. He got a 72-hour penalty for reporting system misuse and a seven-day penalty for throwing games on stream.

In January 2018, he made his OWL debut with the Fuel, but soon after, he made offensive remarks during a Twitch stream. This led to him being benched, fined $2,000, given a four-match suspension, and ultimately getting suspended for even longer.

After a brief return to OWL, Lengyel left the Dallas Fuel in March 2018. He faced a $4,000 fine, another four-match suspension, and got released from the team. Despite the controversies, Lengyel stayed involved in the Overwatch scene. He joined various teams and played for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cups of 2018 and 2019.

xQc’s streaming career

After leaving the Dallas Fuel, Lengyel shifted to streaming. In February 2019, he joined Sentinels as a content creator and quickly became one of Twitch’s top variety streamers.

He had his share of troubles, including a brief Twitch ban in 2019 for streaming explicit content and another ban in 2020 for various incidents. But despite it all, he got a ton of Twitch viewers, ending 2020 as the platform’s most-watched streamer.

In 2021, Lengyel continued to be a big deal on Twitch, racking up millions of hours watched and keeping his spot as the most-watched streamer. He had some problems, like swatting incidents that made him move back to Canada for safety.

The really big news came in June 2023 when Lengyel signed a huge deal with the streaming platform Kick, worth $100 million over two years. This deal, one of the biggest ever in entertainment, opened up new opportunities.

Divorce drama with Adept

The ongoing drama surrounding xQc and his relationship with fellow streamer Adept recently took another twist. As the duo continues to air their grievances in public, even involving their friends in the feud.

xQc and Adept had been in a long-term relationship, but their bond unraveled in 2022. By March 2023, xQc revealed that they had split once again. He cited a difficult choice between “family” and Adept, ultimately choosing his family.

However, the story didn’t end there. Legal battles ensued when it was revealed that Adept had filed for divorce, asserting that they had been in a “common law marriage.” xQc also confirmed a relationship with FRAN, an Overwatch streamer, in June. In July 2023, xQc alleged that Adept had entered his home without notice, causing a temporary lull in the drama. 

xQc’s girlfriend FRAN breaks her silence

On August 13, FRAN decided to step into the spotlight, addressing the public rumors that had dragged her personal life into the open.

With the aid of illustrations, she detailed her perspective on the timeline of events. Alongside confirming xQc’s infidelity, FRAN dropped a bombshell. That Adept had alleged that xQc had been physically abusive.

FRAN refuted this accusation, asserting that xQc had never been abusive towards her. At one juncture, she even likened Adept to a “serial killer”. This was due to her seemingly emotionless demeanor during their interactions.

Adept’s Claim of a Lost Pregnancy

On Twitter, one of xQc’s friends, Jesse, revealed that Adept had informed him that FRAN was allegedly “swindling” xQc’s money. They had also mentioned that she was either currently or previously pregnant.

Adept appeared taken aback by Jesse’s public disclosure. She chastised him on stream for making this private information public. She argued, “If someone claims to be pregnant and then they’re not pregnant, what does that imply? It implies either a miscarriage or an abortion.”

While xQc has not addressed the pregnancy claims, another streamer, Mendo, came forward. They asserted that Adept had also contacted him, along with Jesse, to share the same information.

xQc’s Twitch Ban History

In late 2020, xQc faced a temporary ban from Twitter for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). His offence? Sharing a short clip from an old stream, which raised questions about the DMCA crackdown on copyrighted material.

Twitch Ban Over Stream Sniping

xQc found himself banned after stream sniping during a “Fall Guys” tournament. Stream sniping involves watching competitors’ streams to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

Dallas Fuel and the Overwatch League

xQc’s stint with the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League took a rocky turn in 2018. A homophobic rant on-air resulted in a fine and a ban. Subsequent violations, including spamming racist emotes, led to his dismissal from the league.

Permanent Ban from “League of Legends”

“League of Legends” permanently banned xQc for repeatedly violating the game’s user policy. Reports of in-game harassment and offensive chat behavior triggered investigations.

NoPixel’s “GTA” Roleplaying Server Bans

xQc faced a series of bans from NoPixel’s “GTA” roleplaying server. These bans were linked to his behavior, which often involved breaking character or provoking other players. Despite some reversals, a perma-ban eventually barred him from “GTA” roleplaying with NoPixel.

What happened to xQc?

During one of his initial streams on the new platform, xQc found himself toeing the line of potential trouble.

While Kick does have a set of rules and guidelines, it appears that many top-tier streamers aren’t particularly keen on adhering. Just recently, Adin Ross faced criticism for exposing his young viewers to explicit content. Now, it’s xQc’s turn in the spotlight as he decided to livestream the entire movie “The Dark Knight.”

This was unquestionably a bold move, especially for someone as prominent as xQc. Despite reservations surrounding Kick’s lack of regulations, a member of the Kick team caught wind of xQc’s movie night and took action.

xQc nearly banned on

Around an hour into the film, a Kick staff member posted a message in xQc’s chat. He stated that the stream was in violation of the platform’s DMCA policy. The staff member requested that he stop the live stream and promptly remove any VODs containing the copyrighted movie.

“Alright, I understand,” xQc replied. “Well, that makes sense. Farewell VODs.”

It remains uncertain whether xQc genuinely believed he could stream an entire Batman movie. Or if he was pushing the boundaries as one of Kick’s most prominent streamers. Even so, he promptly responded to the pinned message and terminated the movie stream.

xQc Chat Messages

xQc and Trainwrecks found themselves at odds with other streamers who opposed gambling content. It began when a video surfaced, showing Trainwreck allegedly attempting to bribe a Twitch staff member. The clip quickly went viral across various social media platforms.

Another influential figure in Twitch, HasanAbi, emerged as an advocate against gambling. He became embroiled in the dispute alongside xQc and Trainwreck. 

Central to the drama was Ostonox, an editor affiliated with HasanAbi’s channel. He played a pivotal role in disseminating the video of Trainwreck’s alleged bribery of Twitch staff.

Ostonox has been producing content revolving around the ongoing controversy between xQc and Trainwreck. Both xQc and Trainwreck are known for featuring slot games on their streams, and openly endorsing gambling content. This stance has stirred significant controversy within the Twitch community.

In a surprising move, xQc decided to share private messages he had exchanged with Twitch staff members. He offered his fans a glimpse into these behind-the-scenes conversations. 

Among these messages, one Twitch staff member, identified as “Nelly,” referred to xQc as “MY DONATOR JUICER” and the “GIGACHAD OF DONATIONS.” Another staff member, “Somoza,” had a prolific history of engaging with xQc, having sent over 999+ messages and received 99+ timeouts. 

Another Twitch staff member, “buck,” employed a derogatory nickname for Espizone within xQc’s private chat.

xQc’s decision to share these private exchanges with Twitch staff members ignited amusement among his fans. They jokingly suggested which member of the Twitch team he should reveal his conversations with next.

Preceding this, xQc discussed allegations surrounding Trainwreck’s “donation” to Twitch staff members.  A contentious topic that continues to fuel ongoing debates within the Twitch community.

The cars of xQc

Lengyel, known for his massive following, has added another luxury vehicle to his collection. Even though there’s one catch – he lacks a driver’s license.

As one of Twitch’s most prominent figures, xQc’s success has allowed him to make extravagant purchases. Despite his absence of a driver’s license, he made headlines with his $300,000 McLaren 720s Spider purchase.

Recently, he introduced a brand-new BMW X6M Competition to his car collection. The BMW X6M Competition, typically priced around $110,000, offers impressive features.

While fans questioned his choice over a Lamborghini Urus, xQc defended his decision. He highlighted the BMW’s unique perks, including its racecar-like performance with 617 horsepower.

xQc’s new BMW X6M Competition seamlessly joins his collection which includes a McLaren 720s Spider and a Tesla acquired in 2020.

xQc Net Worth

xQc’s current estimated net worth for the year 2023 is an impressive $110 million. This substantial wealth mainly comes from his activities on Twitch,, and YouTube.

His combined earnings from Twitch and YouTube range from $3 to $4 million. Notably, xQc earned a remarkable $8 million from Twitch payouts between 2019 and 2021. This excludes income from sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other online platforms.

How does xQc make money?

According to Sports Skeeda his Twitch streams generate monthly earnings of approximately $300,000. Complemented by $700,000 from brand deals and subscriptions. His YouTube channel, contributes to his income, with potential annual earnings of up to $1.2 million, depending on ad engagements. 

His YouTube videos consistently garner over a million daily views, with a recent monthly total exceeding 25 million.

Where is xQc streaming now?

While Twitch serves as his primary live-streaming platform, he also utilizes YouTube and His engaging style and interaction with viewers contribute to his broad appeal. Frequent collaborations with fellow streamers enhance his content.

Does xQc use fake money?

Although xQc has stated that “some streamers use fake balances to gamble” it can’t be confirmed that he also uses fake money.

For viewers who are unsure whether a streamer is playing with fill money or not, it’s prudent to assume they are until proven otherwise. Such arrangements can impact the dynamics of the gameplay, and being aware of this aspect adds context to the streams.

Which games does xQc play?

When it comes to gaming on Stake, xQc, like many players, has a few go-to games. He tends to spend a lot of time on slots, particularly enjoying titles like “Book of Shadows,” “Da Vinci’s Treasure,” and “Floating Dragon.”

Although these slots are his main choices, xQc does dabble in other games occasionally.

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