xQc Signs $100 Million Deal With Rival Streaming Service Kick

It is another headline for the Stake-owned streaming platform Kick.com: During a tumultuous time for Twitch, one of their largest streamers, xQc also known as Félix Lengyel, signs a 2-year deal at Kick – estimated to be valued at $100 million. But how much is it really worth?

xQc Kick Deal

Making the Move From Twitch to Kick

If you’ve spent any time on Twitch’s front page, then you’ve come across one of Félix’s videos amongst the other top Twitch streamers. From commentary, to Let’s Plays, and even gambling streams, xQc offers a vast variety of content that appeals to a large audience on Twitch.

With tens of thousands live viewers, over 12 million followers, and years of cataloged past streams, xQc’s presence online has only grown over the past years.

But recently, Félix along with other notable casino streamers have been having a vocal falling out with their platform Twitch. From not supporting their creators enough financially, implementing a new policy that limits what options streamers have for brand deals or advertisements, and charging streamers a $25 USD fee if they break their contract if they leave to Kick (who later offered to pay the fee for creators), the platform has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

It seems the beginning of the downfall was when Twitch made the morally right decision, and actively banned gambling streams. Some of the largest creators like Trainwreckstv (who has equity in Kick), Adin Ross, and xQc were forced to stop promoting Stake.com, the main perpetrator of gambling on Twitch.

Instead of complying with the new regulations and guidelines of Twitch or pivoting back to their old content – they simply found somewhere else to stream.

One of the Biggest Deals in Entertainment?

To promote their gambling website the company behind Stake.com created Kick, an alternative rival streaming service that would compete with Twitch, and where they didn’t need to comply with regulations – because they created their own.

With some of their biggest streamers jumping ship to continue their gambling streams on the site, as well as celebrity streams and promotions from people like Drake, the website has gained traction and some reputability.

We can’t say for certain whether the numbers they post publicly are real, but it seems that disgruntled creators have taken their fan bases with them.

Recently xQc announced he had signed a non-exclusive streaming contract with Kick and would begin streaming on the platform. It later got leaked by his agent Ryan Morrison, also known as the Video Game Attorney, that he was offered a $100 million contract for two-years of work.

Morrison states, “This is one of the highest deals in entertainment, period.” But how much is xQc really making at the end of the day?

$100m Kick.com Deal Includes Equity

In a recent stream with Hassan and Pokimane, Félix stated himself that he was initially offered a lower sum for the 2-year contract, but that his agent Morrisson was able to negotiate a higher amount for him.

Although during the same stream, Félix let slip that as a part of this deal he was offered a base salary for the two years, as well as equity in the Kick streaming platform.

xQc states that he believes in the product, and that his contract will yield more than $100 million over the 2 years because of the success of Kick. Félix became one of the top 20 Kick streamers just weeks after his channel was created. However, only time will tell if the platform will continue to rise in popularity and gain traction, or if Félix and Kick will follow in the steps of Ninja and Mixer.

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