Xposed – The College Student Who Became Casino Streamer

In a world where everyone is trying to stand out in the competitive streaming scene, it is difficult for a streamer to find a way that can help them stand out from the rest. Xposed is one of these people. He knows what he’s talking about and can quickly connect with his audience because of it.


Who is Xposed?

The reason why Xposed is so much better than other streamers can be explained in one sentence. Xposed is authentic and lets his community participate in his personal life. Xposed was born on July 20, 1996, in Canada. He has a girlfriend named Alex and just got his first dog! His pet’s name is Woffy, and he loves showing it off to all his followers through his Snapchat. 

Real nameCody Burnett
Twitch ChannelXposed
Country of OriginCanada
Net WorthOver 14 million USD
Highest WinOver 4.7 million USD in Hot Fiesta
Preferred CasinoMagicRed
Favorite SlotThe Dog House

How Xposed Began His Career

Xposed started streaming under the name fpl in high school when he was 13. Xposed started teaching himself how to edit his streams using OBS and Photoshop. He originally started streaming for fun, but with the help of his twitch chat, he was able to support himself throughout college. He is currently a full-time streamer and a university student at the University of North Texas.

He plays League of Legends and sometimes mixes it with a game or two of Cards Against Humanity. As a high school student, Xposed found it hard to find people who would get excited about watching their games via webcam. This is because people in high school don’t care about video games as many other gamers do. It was difficult for Xposed to find people willing to watch him play League of Legends because everyone was either really bad (playing low-level games) or doing something else. However, along with his cousin Roolstar, Xposed has found a passionate and dedicated little fan base that continues to grow every day. His live streams average around 100 viewers, which have become more popular over time.

How Much Does Xposed Earn?

Xposed isn’t a streamer that will put out numbers, but he does offer some insight regarding his income. He says that he makes around $150,000 a month off of his streams and currently supports himself with this income. The money comes from the streaming platform itself, but also through endorsements with various sponsors that advertise in his streams. His channel is considered to be one of the largest casino channels in the world, and he is highly respected in the gambling community.

Roolstar was Xposed’s cousin who always played League, and Xposed started watching him play one day. He asked Roolstar why he wasn’t streaming, and Roolstar told him because nobody would ever want to watch him. From that moment, Xposed immediately started helping Roolstar get better at the game by giving tons of advice and tips.

What is Special About Xposed’s Streams?

One of the unique things about Xposed streams is his camera use. He uses a webcam attached to his laptop and streams with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) rather than Twitch. Xposed uses a webcam as opposed to a streaming stick or OBS Studio because he wanted to play League of Legends while leaving his room while still seeing the action. He wanted an immersive experience when playing, and using this camcorder from Logitech helped accomplish that. In the beginning, Xposed had a lot of issues with his stream. 

He was having issues with his audio, camera, and even streaming with OBS in general. This caused him to be very frustrated and lag around in ranked games, which hurt his ranking. But now that he has gotten used to it, he has never looked back and even got to Diamond 1 for the first time in his career! His stream’s audio is excellent, as well as the quality once you get used to it.

How Frequently Does He stream?

Xposed can easily be found streaming League of Legends for whole days at a time. There have been times when he streamed for 10-12 hours in a day, which was impressive to watch as an observer because nobody wants to watch someone play video games for such extended periods. 

Where You Can Watch His Streams

Not all streamers can participate in Twitch’s Partner Program, but Xposed is. This means that he gets to have his stream up for the entire time and participate in their Partner Program. In addition to this, he gets exclusive prize packs and giveaways, and free advertising.

Xposed is working on several ideas for the future streams that he wants to implement for himself and everyone else who watches his streams.

Which Casinos Does Xposed play In?

Xposed does not publicly disclose the exact online casinos that are used in his streams, but our editors analyzed his streams and found the two casinos that the Canadian streamer uses to play slots. It is extremely important for Xposed to use a provider that is secure, reliable, and has a lot of experience with handling high roller’s big bets. For most of his streams, the Canadian is using MagicRed. However, our editor could also see that he frequently plays at Casumo. MagicRed is well known among high rollers as the preferred choice for a lot of streamers in North America, but also Europe.

Our editors found that Xposed has been a customer of MagicRed for at least 3 years already, and it is assumed that he receives special bonuses for his streams that make it easier for him to make high bets while remaining profitable. These particular bonuses are only available to streamers that use the provider in their streams. However, MagicRed also offers bonuses for regular Canadian players. Clever Casino provides an exclusive offer with Xposed casino of choice that guarantees that you get the best possible deal when signing up with the provider. 

Xposed's Favorite Casinos
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Casino Tropez
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Which Slots and Games Does He Play?

Currently, Xposed plays on the North American server and is a member of Team SoloMid. He has gained a lot of popularity from being one of the best mid-lanes in his region, and even holds the record for longest stream on Twitch and most followers. In his streams, Xposed loves to play slots that are highly volatile. This means that in order to achieve a bigger win the player needs to take between 50-100 spins in order to get one of the bigger wins. Normally this number of spins is enough to trigger the bonus feature of the machine, which results in bonus games where all wins can be multiplied by several hundred folds.

Xposed loves these type of machines and celebrates the bonus games like no other streamer on the web. This is also how he was able to achieve a multiplier of over 3,700x in his biggest win ever. During his biggest win of almost 5 million Dollars, Xposed was betting 1400 Dollar per spin, and it seemed like he was just burning through his budgeted wagers without success. All of a sudden, he was able to enter the slot machine’s bonus features, where multipliers raise with every spin and multiply his wagers with several 100x each spin. This resulted in the biggest win ever recorded in an online casino and Xposed winning almost 5 million Dollars.

What Makes Xposed Unique in the World of Twitch-Streamers?

Everyone has different aspects that makeup what makes a good Streamer. Xposed has created his style by just being himself and not caring what other people think. He knows his audience and tries to take feedback from them for what he does wrong in his stream, so he can fix it in the future.

Xposed doesn’t tilt easy and will always regroup after a League of Legends game. He’s currently playing on the North American server, so he has to deal with latency issues that can be frustrating at times. His advice for his viewers is never to give up and not to play when you’re angry because anger leads to bad decisions.

Xposed is unique as a Streamer because he has created his channel where others can come and feel welcome. He doesn’t care if you’re a loser or don’t have many viewers; he will still chat with everyone who comes into his stream. He has created a great community of people that love watching him play. Furthermore, he genuinely enjoys streaming and interacting with everyone that watches.

Are Xposed’s Casino Wins Fake?

As far as the research of our editors goes, Xposed’s incredible casino wins are not fake. Even though his bets and wagers seem impossible, they are not fake. Due to sponsorship deals with casinos, but also other revenue streams, he is able to sustain his high roller games and afford to play slots with more than 1,000 Dollars per spin.

Even though some voices in Canada’s streamer community criticize Xposed for using fake money or fake machines in his streams, none of these accusations turned out to be true. Our analysis shows that the pay-out rate of the machines is accurate and appears to be on a regular level. Therefore, the high endorsements combined with exclusive bonus deals by the casinos, allow Xposed to spin with these incredible sums. All spins and all machines in his streams are therefore genuine and can be played in the same way by any regular player as well.

How much does Xposed drop?

Not very often. Xpose mainly does solo queue ranked games and only drops when he gets ranked or loses his lane for another reason.

How much does he rage?

Not at all. Xpose doesn’t rage unless he’s on his smurf (or secondary account) and gets trolled a lot. His advice for his viewers is never to give up no matter how bad it looks because you can always do something about it. He’s currently playing on the North American server, so he has to deal with latency issues that can be frustrating at times. His advice for his viewers is never to give up and not play when you’re angry because anger leads to bad decisions.

How many streams does Xposed do a week?

Xposed streams every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. He usually streams on these days because it is the best time to get viewers, since most people are active during these periods.

How much does Xposed play?

He is known to stream the whole day. He has been known to do 10-12 hour streams before, which was impressive as an observer because nobody wants to watch someone play video games for such extended periods.

Why does Xposed have negative viewers?

People who watch his streams from the beginning have a very positive opinion of him because they can understand where he is coming from and that not everyone can be the best at everything. He doesn’t care about compliments or criticism because it translates to what you need to work on as an individual.

How much has Xposed won in his career?

Xposed currently has quite a bit of tournament and league wins. He has won several USD tournaments and several TwitchCon/Halo tournaments that the Halo Online Network has sponsored. These tournaments were not sponsored by Xposed, but he was a part of them due to being in the community and winning various online games. He’s also known to have won a lot of money playing LoL.

How old is Xposed?

Xposed is 19 years old and is a college student who plans on becoming an engineer and helping out with NASA once he’s done with school.

Verdict on Xposed

Xposed is one of the best Twitch Streamers that are currently streaming. He doesn’t play too easy games, which makes him harder to hate. When you hate Xposed, it is because he is a good player and not because he doesn’t make mistakes or mess up his stream.

He can also have great game knowledge and tips from his viewers on how to make it easier for them to win their game; this makes him an ideal streamer for beginners. Xposed has a great personality combined with a very strong knowledge of the game and excellent life advice. He has always tried to help his viewers by providing them with great tips on improving and dealing with being trolled in ranked games.

One of his goals is to become a household name in the gaming industry because he loves doing what he does and wants other people to love it just as much as he does.

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