Discover the extraordinary journey of Xposed, a young and authentic casino streamer who has triumphed in a crowded streaming scene. This is a tale of dedication and passion that uncovers a star in the making.

Who is Xposed?

On the list of renowned casino streamers, you’ll find the Canadian player known as Xposed. Behind the captivating handle is Cody Burnett, hailing from Ontario. Gaming has been Cody’s passion since childhood, growing up as a digital native. Initially streaming Call of Duty, he ventured into the world of casinos in 2017 and swiftly made a name for himself as a trailblazing streamer.

Presently, Xposed is raking in thousands of dollars monthly from his streams, boasting an impressive following of 538,000 on Twitch alone. His fans adore him for his friendly demeanor and boundless energy that lights up the screen.

Contrary to Roshtein, another prominent casino streamer, Xposed is known for being more open about his life. He cherishes family values, leading a peaceful life alongside his long-time girlfriend, their baby, and their dog. In his earlier streaming days, Cody played with relatively modest bet sizes compared to Roshtein. However, lately, he has upped the ante, placing bets in the hundreds and thousands of dollars range, leading to jaw-dropping wins exceeding $100k.

Real NameCody Burnett
Twitch ChannelXposed (550.000 followers)
Kick ChannelXposed (50.000 followers)
Date of BirthJune 7, 1996
ResidenceOntario, Canada
Net Worth$23 million
Highest Win$4.7 million in Hot Fiesta

Xposed’s career at a glance

Cody Burnett’s infectious high energy and genuine excitement for gaming are simply undeniable. His passion for games shines through in every stream, whether he’s immersed in a thrilling slot session or fully engaged in a Call of Duty match. It’s no wonder why his positive vibes and enthusiasm resonate with viewers, making his streams some of the most popular ones on Twitch.

But what’s truly admirable about Xposed is his professional approach to his craft. Despite the digital and cutting-edge nature of streaming, Cody sticks to the tried and true methods of hard work and preparation.

He consistently puts in the hours, ensuring that his streams are top-notch and engaging. Moreover, he doesn’t forget the importance of interacting with his fans, always being friendly and responsive to their support.

Cody’s dedication and talent have undoubtedly earned him the right to make a living doing what he loves. His passion and professionalism make him stand out as an exceptional streamer in the gaming community.

Xposed's Favorite Casino
Up to
$5,000 Bonus
+ 200 Free Spins
⌀ 97,2% RTP
Very High Return to Player

RTP describes the percentage of total money returned to the players. Higher is better.

What does Xposed play?

Xposed’s favorite games include top-played slots and games, among which are Wanted Dead or a Wild, Joker Bombs, Juicy Fruits, Hot Fiesta, as well as classic favorites like Blackjack and Crazy Time.

Cody has certainly had some monumental wins, showcasing his prowess on games like Sweet Bonanza, Book of Shadows, and Gorilla Gold Megaways. His largest win was $5,000,000 playing slots.

Is Xposed fake?

As for his current affiliation with Stake, the site he is presently playing on, the specifics of the deal remain undisclosed. Nonetheless, there’s speculation that it might resemble a similar arrangement.

For viewers who are unsure whether a streamer is playing with fill money or not, it’s prudent to assume they are until proven otherwise. Such arrangements can impact the dynamics of the gameplay, and being aware of this aspect adds context to the streams.

How did Xposed make his money?

When Xposed used to frequent Roobet, it was no secret that he had what’s commonly referred to as a “fill-money deal” with them. This arrangement allowed him to play using funds provided by the casino, and any losses he incurred were covered by the casino itself.

Under this deal, Xposed only got to retain 25% of any potential winnings, as he himself mentioned on Twitter. While this setup allowed him to keep a portion of his wins, some players viewed it as playing with fake money since he faced no risk of losing his own funds.

What is Xposed’s Net Worth? 

As for Cody Burnett’s exact net worth, it remains undisclosed. However, there’s no doubt that he earns a substantial income from his streaming ventures. With a massive following on Twitch, opportunities for monetization abound. Currently, it’s estimated that he earns around $6,000 monthly. It’s worth noting that many online casinos generously compensate streamers like him to play at their establishments.

Beyond streaming revenue, Xposed also generates income through advertising. Prominent names in the online casino industry often pay him when a player mentions a referral from the streamer upon signing up. Considering these factors, it is believed that his net worth could stand up to an impressive $13,000,000.

Who is Xposed dating?

Xposed has a deeply committed and serious relationship with his girlfriend and fiancé, Shania. Their enduring bond began back in 2012 during their high school days when Xposed was just 15 years old.

Fast forward over a decade, and the couple now has a beautiful son together. On social media, they openly express their love, sharing heartwarming pictures and videos that provide glimpses into their personal life.

Shania stands as a pillar of support, always there for her fiancé as he thrives in the world of live-streaming. Since the inception of his content-creating journey, she has been by his side unwaveringly, offering her steadfast encouragement and care.

Where is Xposed streaming?

If you’re looking for Xposed, you’ll find him on Twitch and Despite his riotous sense of humor and infectious personality, Cody takes his streaming seriously and remains remarkably consistent. With a family to support, his dedication to streaming is unwavering.

For those who want to catch up on Xposed’s content at any time, there’s a treasure trove of videos on Youtube. While you won’t get the live chat experience, the videos offer a fantastic way to enjoy his content at your convenience.

Controversies around Xposed

There are indeed serious concerns surrounding Xposed’s behavior during that particular broadcast, particularly regarding his display of compulsive gambling behavior. In less than 40 minutes, he lost an astonishing amount of over $850,000, which clearly highlights a loss of control as he chased his losses and worsened the situation.

Honesty is another concern raised about slot Twitch streamers. Recently, fellow gaming streamer Tyler Niknam, aka Trainwreckstv, called out some of his friends for falsifying their losses on Twitch and social media platforms. Roshtein, in particular, faced criticism from Niknam, who accused him of claiming to win two massive slot jackpots totaling $9.5 million and $16.5 million in just a 12-hour session.

Moreover, Niknam also brought attention to streamers allegedly engaging in fictitious money deals with gambling companies, making it appear as though they are betting with their own funds. He raised this concern on Twitter in September last year.

In the midst of this controversial night, Xposed did share a glimpse of truth about his intentions before heading to the blackjack table, stating that he intended to “become wild.” These incidents raise important questions about responsible gambling and the transparency of some streamers on the platform.

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