What Is Kick.com and Who Owns It? What You Need to Know

Beginning of 2023, a new streaming website emerged: Kick.com was launched as a competitor to Twitch. Within a few weeks, Kick created a massive hype in the gaming community and many content creators moved their channels to the new platform. What exactly makes Kick so popular, who is behind the site and what role does the Stake Casino play?

Who owns Kick.com

What Is Kick.com?

In the increasingly crowded world of live streaming, a bold newcomer named Kick.com is making waves and empowering creators. Launched in 2023 as an alternative to the dominant Twitch platform, Kick.com has rapidly grown thanks to its creator-first approach and unrestricted content policies.

While Twitch caters well to gaming streams, Kick goes beyond this to open doors for a diverse mix of content. Popular categories on Kick range from lifestyle vlogs and chatting to the newly trending hot tub meta and the hugely popular world of GTA RP.

But what truly sets Kick apart is its commitment to letting creators get real and express themselves fully. Unlike Twitch’s strict rules against risque or controversial content, Kick promotes authenticity above all else. This hands-off approach has allowed intimate streams in hot tubs and pools to flourish, along with unfiltered Just Chatting streams.

However, Kick’s most iconic content has become slots and casino streams – which is not surprising, given who is behind the platform. These exciting and unpredictable casino streams have attracted huge audiences and created breakout stars on the platform.

As Kick.com continues to disrupt the industry in 2023, its dedication to creative freedom and genuine connections is paying off. Both viewers and creators are flocking to the platform for an entertaining escape where people can truly be themselves. For those craving more raw, unfiltered streaming experiences, Kick’s star is undeniably on the rise.

Who Owns Kick.com?

Kick is more than just a mysterious streaming platform: It is a registered legal entity known as Kick Streaming Pty Ltd. This revelation came to light when the platform released its official app on the iOS store, forcing it to disclose its true identity and organizational details.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Kick Streaming Pty Ltd was registered in Australia in November 2022. Interestingly, the only shareholder of this entity is Easygo Entertainment Pty Ltd, and its director is none other than Brais Pena Sanchez, who serves as the chief sales operator of Easygo.

However, as we look deeper into the ownership structure — it becomes more intriguing. Easygo Entertainment Pty Ltd was registered a few months earlier, and it turns out that one-third of its ownership lies in the hands of a company named Ashwood Holdings Pty Ltd.

The twist? Ashwood Holdings is entirely owned by Ed Craven — the mastermind behind Stake.

While it may be premature to claim that Stake outright owns Kick, the connections between the two entities are undeniable. The intertwining ownership and leadership roles raise questions and lead some to speculate that there is still an ownership link between them.

In summary, the evidence suggests that, on the surface, Stake may not directly own Kick, but there is evidence that Ed Craven, the owner of Stake, plays a significant and influential role in the operations of Kick – as shown in the illustration below.

Kick.com Ownership
The ownership of Kick.com

Kick.com’s Response to Stake Rumors

In the early stages of Kick.com’s journey, rumors circulated that the platform was owned by Stake.com — and aimed to focus exclusively on gambling content. However, Kick swiftly responded to these rumors, clarifying that while the founders of Stake.com were indeed behind the platform, Kick was not limited to gambling content.

Kick.com asserted that its mission was to empower content creators from all walks of life to stream freely, covering a diverse range of interests and hobbies.

The platform’s commitment to supporting various content categories sets it apart from its gambling-focused counterpart, Stake.com.

One of the key aspects that creators and viewers appreciate about Kick.com is its transparency and dedication to the user experience. The platform has been proactive in addressing concerns, responding to feedback, and making necessary improvements to enhance the streaming experience.

It remains to be seen of Kick will stay a gambling-focused platform or if it can diversify its content. The recent addition of a gambling switch seems to be a step in the right direction. But if Kick can shake off its roots and escape the grip of the Stake Casino is uncertain.

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