Twitch Expands Casino Blacklist with Two More Brands

Twitch has once again cracked down on gambling content, expanding its ban list in an aggressive effort to protect viewers from potential harms. Two brands, Blaze and Gamdom, have been added to the list of prohibited casinos. Will this accelerate the switch of casino streamers to

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Twitch strengthens stance against unregulated gambling

Twitch has doubled down on its anti-gambling stance, announcing a major expansion of its banned gambling sites list. The Amazon-owned streaming giant revealed it is prohibiting streams of unregulated online casinos Blaze and Gamdom. This adds to the initial four gambling sites banned back in October 2022, when Twitch first rolled out its updated gambling policy.

The official Twitch casino blacklist now contains six crypto casino brands:


According to Twitch, viewership of gambling streams has dropped a significant 75% since the initial ban. The company claims this policy has protected its community from potential scams and other predatory behavior.

In an update posted on its website, Twitch provided clear reasoning behind hitting sites like Blaze and Gamdom with the ban hammer.

Twitch initially prohibited gambling sites not licensed in the US or without proper consumer protection. However, users can still access banned sites through VPNs that mask locations. The company maintains its hard stance, only allowing regulated sports betting, fantasy sports and poker sites.

Kick offers a gambling haven

While Twitch continues its crusade against unregulated online gambling, competitors like offer streamers a haven. Kick itself emerged as a direct result of Twitch’s gambling ban, and has wasted no time in recruiting some of Twitch’s top talent.

The new platform has signed lucrative contracts with big Twitch names like xQc. It seems the tug-of-war between platforms over gambling content rages on.

However, Twitch appears determined to purge uncontrolled gambling streams from its site. This aggressive doubling down shows the company’s commitment to strictly regulating content deemed potentially harmful.

Twitch’s recent actions reignite the larger debate around gambling content and streaming platforms.

On one hand, Twitch has every right to dictate allowed content to protect its brand and community. But on the other hand, streamers should have the freedom to create whatever content they choose, as long as its legal. Gambling streams can drive huge viewership and revenue. But they also risk promoting addiction and scams.

It’s a complex issue with reasonable arguments on both sides. But for now, Twitch is planting its flag firmly on the anti-gambling side. Only time will tell if the Amazon giant can hold out, as competitors keep the door open to those very lucrative streams.

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