Twitch bans affiliate links: The end of the casino streaming era?

After receiving more and more pressure from the public, Twitch starts to ban affiliate links to online casinos from its platform. Despite the public criticism Twitch wants to keep its creators on the platform and allows its big creators to show gambling streams – but for how long?

As of August 17th 2021, Twitch implemented new rules aimed at preventing scams perpetrated by dubious gambling services that sponsored Twitch content. They will prohibit the sharing of links and/or referral codes to sites that offer slot machines, roulette, and dice games, and continue to monitor gambling-related content and adjust their approach as necessary. This means that any streamer who promotes casino games while requesting their viewers to click on affiliate links will be banned. 

Amazon trying to get rid of Twitch’s controversial reputation

They have already suspended Roshtein’s long-time companion Deuce Ace, despite his claims that he complied with the new guidelines. Some assume on Twitter that this was caused by the promotional links on his discord, which led to the shut-down of another friend of Rosh’s. This warns us that no one is safe from this threat. So, why is Twitchj doing that? It makes us wonder whether Amazon is keeping an eye on them. Let’s speak about Amazon’s twitching owner in 2015, please. At the time of the acquisition, Amazon paid $970 million for Twitch. 

Twitch has become a major threat to YouTube’s dominance in the fast-expanding world of live broadcasting. It seemed to be an excellent investment, before YouTube, was a pioneer in live-streaming. However, the past is the past, and Amazon has found that Twitch isn’t lucrative at all. Considering how much money YouTube must spend on server maintenance, it’s hard to see how they could compete. There is a possibility that the amount of data transmission we’ve just seen may cost more than $6 million per month. That makes more than 70 million each year.

Twitch: a money-burning machine

Even with ad income coming in lower than YouTube’s, this platform is losing money. Ads on YouTube, for example, are targeted. It implies that every time you watch a video, you’ll see an ad tailored to your interests by Google. Because Twitch isn’t lucrative, we can’t do that because our ad income is substantially smaller. In order to keep its streamers happy, Amazon wants to provide its streamers with a greater server bit rate. They have the potential to make Twitch as good as YouTube. Twitch, on the other hand, seems to be a low priority. 

This very second. When it comes to live-streaming technology, Amazon is contemplating offering something that isn’t named after twitching fish. In addition, current occurrences should be brought up. TimTheTatman and DrLupo, two of the most popular broadcasters on the site, decided to go to YouTube because of the better contract. This demonstrates that a Twitch does not get a budget sufficient to support its top performers.

Twitch’s growing interest in gambling raises many questions. Servers like Roshtein and others were delighted to broadcast in their own niche and earn money by promoting other casinos after all those years of service. Gambling streams were not discussed much until Stake decided to pay huge popular broadcasters like Xposed and Trainwrecks millions of dollars. Stake is such a good product on the market that when combined with the biggest streamers who created the biggest gambling gold rush in history, Stake makes a big profit thanks to their affiliates bringing traffic from streams.

Big YouTubers started making content about big publications like Stake. If you’re a casual gambler, the Stake is not a bad choice. As a long-term member, you are able to take advantage of many of the VIP and Rakeback features, as well as the widest range of cryptocurrencies. 

Why is casino streaming so popular among Twitch-Stars

The reason for big creators to join the casino streaming hype is because all of them have enthralling personalities, large followings, and a solid reputation in their respective communities. They have a lot of admirers. Twitch is under a lot of pressure since the majority of its viewers are under the age of 18, making it simpler for them to convert its fans to paid users. A lot of people are concerned about it because of this. 

The European Commission has already initiated an antitrust probe into Amazon’s suspected anti-competitive activity. They are being examined to see whether Amazon’s use of sensitive data from independent businesses to sell on its marketplace is in violation of European Union competition regulations. Even if Amazon has many minors, is it really worth it? All of the major players in Fang, like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, have a significant impact on the economy, thus the US government is always monitoring their activities. 

Twitch wants to stick out among other Tech firms

There is a great deal of animosity between them. China, on the other hand, is determined to rein them in. In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg was interrogated by the US Congress for allegedly harvesting the personal information of up to 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge, and he apologized. Because of this, the 2016 US presidential election was seriously tainted by Russian meddling. That’s thought to be the work of Russian propagandists hacking into Facebook. He was questioned by Congress a year later. The members of the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee grilled Mark again on election meddling, free speech, hate groups, and false news. 

In the US alone, there are many pending cases against Facebook. It’s a major blow to Facebook’s already tarnished image. In addition, Amazon is not without its own set of issues. They’re now competing with Microsoft for a $10 billion contract with the National Security Agency. Technology in Washington NSA failed to do a rigorous review when evaluating a supplier for Microsoft’s new project dubbed wild and stormy, according to a report. That’s why politicians may leverage Amazon’s social media presence to get votes. Politicians all across the world use this issue as a launching pad for pranks. As soon as the government steps in to address the issue of excessive gambling, things will start to become interesting. And there are no rules at all. You won’t see any more advertisements for gambling establishments or third-party affiliate connections. 

Twitch profits heavily from casino streaming

A casino can’t even be mentioned on the broadcast, but Twitch has shown that they can, and will go for the major ones. So why not just ban it altogether? It’s a mystery to everyone. Twitch seems to be making money off of gambling. Twitch isn’t making any money from the gambling partnerships for broadcasters, according to David Nash, who knows a number of Twitch employees. If anything, they risk alienating their current business partners and losing out on some advertising income. 

As long as the broadcasters remain his major asset, it doesn’t matter what the stream is about; They will still be on Twitch and making money. Twitches’ long-term brand value suffers greatly as a result of gambling. At the same time, the online casino business has a lot of potential to surpass traditional gaming content due to its high level of entertainment. There is a goldmine for large players like Stake if gambling rules in the US continue to improve. 

How do creators respond to the ban?

But what about ancient broadcasters like Roshtein, who remarked on Twitter that he believes Twitch is headed in the right direction? And he’s eagerly anticipating the outcome? That being the case, it will be an interesting test to see whether he has any money, and if so, they may find a method to publicize his need for money in another manner. 

But we are stumped as to how he is going to achieve that if you can’t even invite your audience to go there vocally. As for Twitch, who knows where they’ll take this. The company has a history of investigating and banning users who engage in illegal activity on other platforms. You may invite your visitors to click on an affiliate link on your own site if that’s what you want them to do. Stake and their streamers will do whatever they can to remain on Twitch, as seen by the recent example of Ninja who moved to Mixer from Twitch, since they know that a large portion of their audience will stay on Twitch and find someone else to watch, which is the ideal place to broadcast. 

It’ll be entertaining to see how this plays out. There is nothing more we can do except eat some popcorn and watch the movie. In the end, what do we have to show for it? Some casino operators claim that the major traffic that comes to their establishments through stream is easy to understand: you can play on stake and go there yourself, even if you don’t have an affiliate link. However, the regulations governing this claim are unclear. It’s that easy. As a result, tiny broadcasters will take the worst hit since they aren’t in partnership with the casinos and only utilize their own affiliate links, which other viewers may use to support them. 

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