Who is Trainwreckstv? Meet the Casino Streaming Star on Twitch

Casino streamers have been known to maintain a low-key identity and avoid the public profile by streaming during off-hours. However, some of them, such as Trainwreckstv, are not good at maintaining a low profile. We took a closer look at Trainwreckstv and analysed if his wins are fake or not.


Who is Trainwreckstv?

Trainwreckstv or rather Tyler Faraz Niknam was born on December 20, 1990, in Texas and resided in Arizona and Vancouver, Canada. He graduated with a bachelor’s in analytics philosophy from Arizona State University in 2014. A lot of casino fans wonder who the person behind one of Twitch’s most successful channels is. Our editors analyzed America’s notorious casino streamer and answer all the most important questions around the channel.  

Tyler has been active in the Twitch streaming platform since 2015. He is one of the people who have transformed a hobby into a high-paying career. He started video games as a hobby, and today, it is a full-time career. Furthermore, he also diversifies his earnings by investing in cryptocurrency. He also gains from streaming and his streaming platform, which has over 1.5 million followers. As one of the most recognized online gamers, he has a net worth of $17million from gaming and his biggest win currently is listed at $5.7 million in Ankh of Anubis.

If you are a gamer, you might have heard of him streaming famous games such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. Recently, he made one of the biggest moves and entered into adult gaming, and his favorite is crypto casino betting. This move has received some criticism because many recognized him for junior games, and his move to adult games was a surprise. Many recognized him for safe betting by betting on the low-risk junior games.

In 2021, he shifted his residence to Vancouver, Canada, to enjoy gambling in a location where online casino gambling is fully legal. He is the founder of the Twitch Channel chat, which currently has about 1.7 million followers and has as many as, 33000 live viewers. He also hosts a podcast called the Scuffled, where he deals with issues such as advising on gambling and streaming.

Real nameTyler Faraz Niknam
Twitch ChannelTrainwreckstv
Country of OriginUnited States
CityScottsdale, AZ
Net Worth23 million USD
Highest Win5.76 million in Ankh of Anubis
Preferred CasinoN1 Casino
Favorite SlotAnkh of Anubis

About TrainwrecksTV’s Private Life

The famous casino streamer has kept most of his life private and prefers not to flaunt his wealth. This has made many speculate about his assets, relationship, and family. He is the only child in his family, and he was born in Texas but raised in Arizona. Many have also asked questions about his nationality because he stated that he was Persian. This cannot be established further because he has spent a better part of his life in the United States until he moved to Canada.

He loves various games, and he played football in his childhood. He is currently dating a lady called Kayla. She is a streamer on Twitch, and they have kept a low-key unless you see their pictures on social media such as Instagram. His privacy has led to many speculations about the types of cars he loves, his actual residence, and his hobbies. Other information such as his parents’ real names remains concealed and unknown to many; neither do we know about their occupation and residence.

Despite his controversies, he is a good person and has donated funds to various charity programs committed to different courses. In 2021, he raised over $35000 to support the color of change civil rights group. In 2020, he donated and raised $41000 to WWF in Australia to support victims of bushfire and rescue operations. His podcast has also been a platform to encourage people to support various charities.

What is Special About Trainwrecktv’s Streams?

If you ever get the chance to join one of his streams, you will quickly see that Trainwrecks does not play with pocket change. He regularly stakes over $1000 per spin, increasing the audience’s attention every time he bets. This is one of the reasons why fans love Twitch casino streaming. Tyler is known for being crazy about XXX Casino because it is one of the best crypto casinos in the world. He is currently more devoted to streaming and stake casinos, and he mostly funds his bets through Ethereum and Bitcoin.

He offers a special promo code for the stake through his dedication to Stake, giving a 15% rake back instead of the common 10%. Since he focuses more on entertaining his audiences, he sometimes invites other twitch streamers to join him in the high stake rolling to amuse his audience. The goal is to ensure his stream has some humor and appeals to the followers’ emotions.

Which Casino does Trainwreckstv use in his streams?

Our editors analyzed hours of Trainwrecktv’s streams to find out which online casinos are most frequently used in the channel’s slot streams. The answer is: Trainwreckstv normally plays slots on the sites of MagicRed and N1 Casino. The latter is famous in Canada’s slot community for offering exceptional customer service, which makes it the brand of choice for so many high rollers. High reliability, great choice of games, and fast money transfers make N1 Casino potentially the best casino for gamblers in North America. 

It is extremely important for Tyler that he can make sure that his online casino is able to handle massive deposits of several hundred thousand dollars at once and allows him to bet huge sums at each spin. Online casino experts assume that the streamer receives exclusive VIP bonuses from N1 Casino that make it more likely for him to break even on his streams. Regular players do not have access to these bonuses, however, Canadians still receive welcome bonuses when signing up for the casino. You can find exclusive Canadian offers on Clevercasino.com that will allow you to multiply your initial deposit and potentially get higher winnings.

Trainwrecks' Favorite Casinos
N1 Casino
C$6,000 Bonus
+ 200 Free Spins
C$200 Bonus
+ 100 Extra Spins
Casino Tropez
C$3,000 Bonus
for new customers

Streaming day and night

His streaming is time-based, depending on the time zones of different countries. He serves the international audience’s needs, and his sessions run for as long as nine hours a day. You can stream these sessions on the Trainwreckstv streams; however, he mostly chats and has conversations with the audience on this channel.

Most of his streams are available on Twitch, and here it is all about live casino streaming. He also has other platforms such as YouTube, where you can sometimes follow his streams. He has over 200k subscribers on YouTube and is ranked as one of the biggest streamers on Twitch.

Which Slots and Games Does Trainwrecks Play?

He loves crypto slots and stakes in nearly all of his streams. However, he prefers those with bigger bonuses and rounds, which gives him a chance to win big. His favorite slots include Razor Shark, Buffalo Hunter, Fruit party, and Book of Shadows. He considers more slots; however, he spends more time on these listed slots. Sometimes you can also find him in live casino games such as Crazy Time. 

Trainwreckstv loves volatile games. This means that the slots in his streams normally require between 50 and 100 turns before one can enter the bonus feature of the machine. In the bonus feature, wins can be multiplied by several 100x per spin. These can result in total wins of over 1000x. In Trainwreck’s most successful stream, he managed to achieve a multiplier of 5,760x. This proves how extremely volatile these particular machines can be.

Is Trainwreckstv Fake?

Many always consider online casino streaming slots fake; such speculations are also directed toward famous streamers such as Trainwrecktv. This has not been the case, and only those keen on following his streams and podcasts can know the pain and the emotions he faces through his losses and wins.

Many are surprised by his betting strategies, and from the look of things, one can notice that he is a seasoned pro in online gaming. He is a seasonal gambler who knows when to stake and stay off staking. This makes him unique, and some viewers think he is fake due to this strategy that commonly leads to a win.

Many refer to him as a higher roller due to his high roller and stakes betting style. He has the funds to do that because he has a revenue stream from various channels such as Twitch, sponsorships, and brand endorsement deals. Tyler places a high Stake in his betting because of the philosophy of bigger stakes and bigger wins. Part of his strategy is to maintain and entertain his live supporters.

If you want to verify that his wins are real, you can observe how many times he loses the bets. Trainwrecks does not always win, and he clarifies in his podcast when he informs his audience of how much he made, lost, and the strategies he makes to recover the losses. Sometimes the streamer also wins big, and the audience can think such wins are fake. For example, he won $5.7 million once while playing the Ankh of Anubis.

There are several occasions when his story has been captured in famous magazines such as Sportskeeda. He had to endure so many losses before getting to his big wins. Many also mistake that he makes all his money on gambling, but that isn’t the case. Lately, Niknam has divested so that his investments can sometimes help him recover his losses on gambling.

TrainwrecksTV Controversies

He has also faced certain controversies on the platforms where the streams and other podcasts. One of the main accusations is harsh language and sometimes his loud mouth, which has also contributed to his fame. Once in a while, you can hear some rude words from him. He also faced conflicts due to allegations of misogyny.

In 2018, he was banned from Twitch because of his sexist remarks, though he apologized and was reinstated. In 2019, he was also banned when he streamed an episode of MasterChef on his Twitch. The same year, he was banned from Reddit for violations of internal rules and spreading hate speech. In 2021, he was banned from GTA PR for rudeness and misconduct. Maybe that is just who he is; he never misses any controversies, except in 2020.

One of the most recognized scandals is when he rebuked female streamers on Twitch. He insulted them for their dances, clothing, and actions to attract more audiences. This video was also uploaded on YouTube and angered many followers on both platforms focusing on Twitch to temporarily suspend his channel.

Trainwreckstv Net Worth and Source of Income

Experts expect his Trainwrecktvs total proceeds to be around 23 million USD. This includes money from his channel, advertising, and endorsements with sponsors. This number is regarded to be an educated estimation of Tylers net worth, however, it is merely an assumption.

The speculations can be far from reality. The only thing we can tell is the source of his income. He has multiple sources of income, such as revenue from Twitch and YouTube streaming and viewership.

He also partners with Twitch and invests in various platforms such as digital currency. He also receives donations through platforms such as Stream lab. The adverts shown during his stream also fetch him some good cash. He has various sponsorship deals and owns a Mersch store for various merchandise.

How much does Trainwreckstv get paid to gamble?

Trainwreckstv earns money for each viewer on Twitch that is subscribed to his service. Additionally, his main source of revenue comes from endorsing online casinos and other brands in his streams. Total monthly proceedings are expected to be around 800,000 USD.

How did Trainwrecks get rich?

Trainwreckstv started streaming in 2015 and firstly made a living off advertising revenues on his videos. With an ever-growing viewer base, more and more sponsors from the online casino industry endorsed his streams and consequently made him one of the richest twitch streamers to date.

Does Trainwrecks have a girlfriend?

Trainwrecks is currently dating his girlfriend Kayla, who is also pursuing a career as a Twitch streamer. The couple has been together for the past 3 years, and they frequently collaborate on various streams.

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