Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, a prominent figure on Twitch, and in the world of casino streaming, few can match the allure and charisma of Trainwreckstv. We take you behind the scenes to uncover the enigmatic Twitch star’s fascinating journey – from his humble beginnings to the headline-hitting million-dollar wins.

Who is Trainwreckstv?

Tyler Niknam, widely known as Trainwreckstv, kicked off his streaming journey back in 2015, showcasing both gaming and IRL content on Twitch.

His streaming past has been full of controversy and bans, in November 2017, he faced a 5-day Twitch ban after a heated rant where he used derogatory language to refer to some female streamers. He later clarified that his words were intended to criticize a specific subset of female streamers who, in his opinion, exploited themselves for views and money. 

Tyler later issued an apology on Twitter for his remarks. In October 2018, Trainwreckstv received another indefinite Twitch ban after making divisive comments during an Overwatch stream, which sparked further debates and backlash.

Nonetheless, Trainwreckstv has also ventured into successful projects. In April 2019, he launched the “Scuffed Podcast,” where he engages in discussions with various internet personalities on a range of topics.

During the 2020 United States Presidential Election, Trainwreckstv achieved the second-highest viewership on Twitch, attracting around 607,000 hours watched on election night. His content proved engaging for audiences, earning him a prominent spot in the streaming community.

Trainwreck is also an early investor and collaborator with the streaming platform Kick.

Real NameTyler Faraz Niknam
Twitch ChannelTrainwreckstv (2.1M followers)
Kick ChannelTrainwreckstv (160.000 followers)
Date of BirthDecember 20, 1990
ResidenceVancouver, Canada
Net Worth$23 million
Highest Win$5.76 million in Ankh of Anubis

Why is Trainwrecks Famous?

Niknam comes from an Iranian family and spent his formative years in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he attended Chaparral High School. In 2014, he graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in analytic philosophy, setting the foundation for his intellectual pursuits.

In June 2021, Trainwreckstv relocated to Canada and began streaming gambling sessions live on Twitch while playing on Stake.com, a cryptocurrency gambling site not legally available in the United States. His association with such content generated criticism, as well as hundreds of thousands of views.

His streams quickly began raking in thousands of concurrent viewers due to his big wins, and infectious personality. While Trainwreckstv has faced controversies, his presence on Twitch and Kick remains noteworthy, and his content continues to attract a substantial following.

After the official ban of gambling on Twitch and weeks of building anticipation, Trainwreck has finally unveiled his exciting collaboration with a fresh streaming platform known as Kick. 

After massive success Trainwreckstv opened up about his significant earnings from sponsorships for gambling streams, only increasing his already notable fame. In October 2022, he claimed to have received an astonishing $360 million from sponsors for streaming gambling content over a span of 16 months.

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What does Trainwreckstv play?

At Stake, Trainwreckstv has a wide array of games to choose from, but he tends to stick to a select few favorites. Among his most frequently played games are the thrilling slots Wanted Dead or a Wild, Might of Ra, Starz, Hotel Yeti-Way, Dog House, and Juicy Fruits.

Additionally, Trainwreckstv enjoys indulging in the excitement of live casino games, with Blackjack and Roulette being his top picks. Occasionally, he also dabbles in Plinko and Crazy Time for added variety.

While these are the games he frequently engages with, Trainwreckstv is known to explore other games as well.

As for his biggest wins, they have come from the action-packed titles Might of Ra, Wanted Dead or a Wild, and Starz but his biggest win was $15 million playing Dork Unit.

Where is Trainwrecks streaming now?

Despite being a prominent figure on Twitch with a massive following, Trainwreck has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the platform. In a passionate announcement, he expressed his belief that Twitch has “lost its grasp on reality” and criticized its direction, paving the way for his venture into the innovative world of Kick. He continues to stream on both Kick as well as Twitch.

Does Trainwrecks use fake money?

Despite urging his viewers not to gamble, Trainwrecks openly enjoys the thrill of gambling himself and encourages them to watch his streams instead. He justifies his gambling activities, stating that he has “streamer money” and sponsorships that minimize the perceived risks.

However, his gambling streams have faced significant criticism, and he has consistently defended them. Trainwrecks emphasizes that his streams are “authentic and transparent,” a claim he stands by even amid the backlash.

In his own words, Trainwrecks shared, “I tell people not to gamble very often, especially when I win and that they will always lose. I gamble more off-stream than on. I use raw balance and take the risk. I don’t talk about my sponsor or code. And when I give away money, I send it to people’s personal wallets, not casino accounts.”

He strongly condemns those who target him, pointing fingers at other streamers who are not genuine gamblers and don’t engage in gambling off-stream. According to him, these streamers use “fake balances” to avoid the risk of losing their own money.

For Trainwrecks, gambling is an integral part of his gaming experience. He asserts that his approach to gambling is the most transparent and authentic, showcasing his deposit and withdrawal addresses. Whether on or off-stream, he actively participates in various gambling games because, in his own words, “I actually love gambling.”

Although he states he uses his own money, it’s unclear whether or not he uses fake money.

For viewers who are unsure whether a streamer is playing with fill money or not, it’s prudent to assume they are until proven otherwise. Such arrangements can impact the dynamics of the gameplay, and being aware of this aspect adds context to the streams.

Who is Trainwrecks dating?

Tyler Niknam, known as Trainwreckstv, is in a relationship with Kayla Smith, and the couple shares an apartment in Vancouver, Canada. Their relationship began in 2017, and they have been open about it, but they prefer to keep some personal details away from the public eye.

Kayla, who previously streamed under the name Felissetv, was also a streamer and gained popularity for her Overwatch gameplay. However, her journey on Twitch had a setback when she received a ban in 2016 due to toxic behavior during one of her Overwatch live streams. Despite her pleas for an unban, her channel remained restricted on the platform.

While Kayla’s Twitch activities are limited due to the ban, she occasionally appears on her boyfriend’s live streams on Twitch. She also ventured into streaming on Mixer, a platform owned by Microsoft, but it was shut down in July 2020.

Recently, Kayla shared that she has taken a break from playing Overwatch, as she believes the game negatively affects her mental health. Despite Trainwreckstv’s controversial personality, the couple has managed to stay away from any major Twitch-related scandals in the past.

What is Trainwrecks Net Worth? 

Tyler Faraz “Trainwreckstv” Niknam is estimated to have a net worth of $360 million. While his current residence in Vancouver, Canada, remains undisclosed in terms of permanency, it serves as a base for his engaging online content.

The 30-year-old streamer established his Twitch channel in 2014 and skyrocketed to fame through his entertaining Among Us streams. Collaborating with numerous other prominent Twitch streamers, Trainwreckstv captured the attention and admiration of a vast audience, contributing to his widespread popularity and financial success. He is also an early investor in the platform, Kick.

How much does Stake pay Trainwrecks?

We’re not sure on what Stake pays Trainwrecks, but we can use some previous data as an inference. Leaked data that emerged in 2021 revealed that Trainwreckstv earned an impressive $1.5 million from his streams alone during the period spanning from August 2019 to October 2021. However, it’s essential to note that his earnings go far beyond that figure, thanks to lucrative sponsorship deals he has secured.

Trainwrecks stated, “I’ll release what I got paid since the beginning of my contract. I’ve been paid $360 million for 16 months of gambling” he said.

Streamer Tyler ‘Trainwreckstv’ Niknam recently shared an astounding revelation about the substantial earnings he received for gambling on Twitch. He disclosed that he gave away nearly $70 million of those earnings to his fans in various giveaways.

What happened to Trainwrecks?

For those who might not be familiar Tyler is an early investor in Kick, the emerging streaming platform, and has recently faced criticism for its lack of moderation, allowing certain creators to engage in controversial content without facing appropriate penalties. One notable incident involved Adin Ross, who displayed the front page of an adult website to a large audience without consequences, sparking public outcry.

The situation escalated when another streamer received only a one-day ban after engaging in explicit content during a stream, specifically involving sexual acts.

This growing backlash prompted Trainwreckstv to address the platform’s Terms of Service (TOS) policies. While discussing the matter, he argued that the intense controversy surrounding Adin’s incident was unnecessary, pointing out that parental restrictions alone might not be enough to shield children from accessing inappropriate content on the internet.

Trainwreckstv expressed that even if parents take the initiative to restrict internet access on PCs, many children now possess handheld devices like smartphones from an early age. He hinted that controlling their online exposure on these devices would be an even more challenging task.

Why did Trainwrecks get banned?

Trainwreckstv has had a tumultuous journey on Twitch, facing two suspensions for engaging in sexist rants during his streams. Recently, he has come under significant scrutiny for unintentionally promoting gambling through his gambling content on the platform. Despite the controversies, his channel remains immensely popular, holding the top spot as the most-watched Slots channel and ranking fifth among all English channels on Twitch.

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