360 Million in 9 Months: How did TrainwrecksTV earn his money on Twitch?

TrainwreckTV claims that he earned over $360 million USD in 9 months through a sponsorship deal with gambling company Stake. Many insiders and fans doubt the numbers and criticize the streamer for his bold claims. Why does he disclose the amount to his fans now?

The popular online streaming platform Twitch enjoys quite a user base, with people worldwide using it to watch their favorite gamers stream their gameplay live. The convenience of doing this on a mobile device has only made the service more popular.

One of the streamers who has enjoyed a lot of success on Twitch is Tyler Faraz Niknam – also known as TrainwrecksTV. An avid online streamer, TrainwrecksTV has built an online empire that includes video game streaming, online sponsorships, and a popular online podcast.

However, a recent streaming interview between Niknam and fellow streamer Pokelawls found TrainwrecksTV in hot water – particularly with statements about his earnings from his popular online gambling streams.

His claim – that he earned $360 million USD since inking a sponsorship with gambling company Stake – has put his entire empire under scrutiny. And given the current popularity of online gambling, it’s no surprise that people are taking a closer look at the claims – and reality – of online earnings with gambling streaming.

Who is TrainwrecksTV?

A rising star in the streaming world, TrainwrecksTV is a content streamer who has been making waves for his gambling streams. Tyler Faraz Niknam – the man behind the persona – has built up a large following on Twitch, and his gambling streams have been a controversial topic for some time.

Niknam began streaming in 2015 and found his greatest following on the streaming platform Twitch. He’s also the founder of the “Scuffed Podcast,” where he and his friends discuss various topics, including streaming.

Before gaining notoriety for his gambling streams, Niknam’s streaming of the video game Among Us saw him win the coveted Code Red Among Us Tournament and receive the recognition of the best Twitch streamers by Digital Trends.

As his popularity on video game streams grew, Niknam began branching out and streaming other games, including casino-style gambling games. This new type of content proved controversial, with some arguing that it promoted gambling addiction and ran afoul of potential legal trouble.

TrainwrecksTV and the Twitch Gambling Controversy

While Twitch helped propel Niknam’s career, the platform has also been at the center of the gambling controversy in which he’s embroiled.

Niknam moved to Canada in 2021 to start streaming online gambling and avoid growing criticism by US cryptocurrency tax legislation. While TrainwrecksTV and other’s gambling streams received no little criticism – including accusations that their streams were introducing gambling to underage viewers – it was a revelation in Niknam’s chat with Pokelawls that sparked the most outrage.

As views grew on TrainwrecksTV’s channel, gambling companies took note. Sponsorships soon came from many of the biggest names in online gambling, and Niknam and fellow streamer xQc began to see their viewership explode. But with significant popularity came even greater scrutiny.

Gambling and Twitch streaming has had a toxic relationship for some years, with streamer Sliker being accused of scheming viewers out of $300,000 due to a reported “gambling addiction.” Other streamers have admitted to using their streaming revenue to feed gambling habits, bringing greater scrutiny to the streaming niche.

How did TrainwrecksTV Earn his Money?

The TrainwrecksTV controversy began during a stream of Overwatch 2 with streamer Pokelawls – in which the streamer admitted to earning $360 million through his partnership with Stake. This amount would place Niknam above many of today’s top celebrities in net worth, and many have called foul on his claims.

How did Niknam supposedly earn this much money? It’s believed that a large portion of his earnings come from online gambling streams, in which he promotes the Stake platform and encourages viewers to gamble on casino-style games.

A $360 million payday would be an incredible sum for anyone – let alone a Twitch streamer. And given the current popularity of online gambling, it’s no surprise that people are taking a closer look at the claims – and reality – of online earnings with gambling streaming.

Real Earnings or Questionable Bookkeeping?

To date, there has been no concrete evidence to support TrainwrecksTV’s claim of $360 million in earnings. And given the secrecy surrounding many online gambling companies, it may be difficult to ever verify his claim.

However, recent revelations of other streamers in the gambling world have given some credence to Niknam’s claims. Specifically, xQc – also sponsored by Stake – admitted on stream to having waged half a billion in his gambling streams. This has caused many to wonder if Niknam was including his wins and losses in that number or the amount the streamer has in his credit account on the gambling sites.

This could significantly affect the overall number, as gambling streamers often take home a portion of their wins while streaming. And with both xQc and TrainwrecksTV being sponsored by the same gambling site, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that their reported earnings are similar.

However, until there is more transparency from online gambling companies or the streamers themselves, it will be difficult to say for sure how much TrainwrecksTV has actually earned.

Why Disclose These Earnings Now?

While it may be unknown why Niknam decided to reveal his reported earnings now, it’s possible that he felt the need to defend his reputation in the wake of the gambling controversy.

Since the story broke, Twitch has begun to crack down on gambling streams.

By disclosing his earnings, Niknam may have been trying to show that he is not taking advantage of his viewers or breaking any Twitch rules. By showing that it’s possible to earn a living just like many other celebrities in the world, Niknam may have been trying to legitimize his career path.

Whether or not his claims are true, it’s clear that TrainwrecksTV’s chat with Pokelawls has sparked a major controversy in the world of streaming. And given the current climate surrounding gambling and Twitch, it’s unlikely that this story will be going away anytime soon.

The Future of Gambling Streaming

The future of gambling streaming is uncertain in the wake of the TrainwrecksTV controversy. While many people have called for an end to gambling streams on Twitch, others have argued that they are simply entertainment and not meant to be taken seriously.

Twitch has updated its terms of use in light of the many controversies. Recently, Twitch banned sharing any referral codes or links to sites promoting gambling games such as slots, dice, or roulette. Companies such as Rollbit, Duelbits, Stake, and others that had connections with online streamers can no longer be promoted on the platform.

This is a significant blow to the gambling streaming industry, as many of these companies rely on Twitch for exposure. And many have called out the seeming hypocrisy of banning these types of games while poker and sports betting continue to be streamed on the site.

Only time will tell how this will all shake out, but one thing is for sure – the world of gambling and online streaming holds many surprises. And with the TrainwrecksTV controversy as a starting point, we can only expect more drama and scandals in the days to come.

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