Top 20 Kick Streamers: Stats of Most Popular Streamers 2023

Is Kick getting bigger than Twitch? With more and more creators appearing on Kick, people are looking for stats on the top Kick streamers. We gather all relevant data on the most popular streamers and constantly update our official top 20 ranking. Here are the numbers you are looking for.

Top Kick Streamers

The live-streaming platform has shaken up the industry. Offering streamers more favorable terms than competitors like Twitch, Kick has lured some of the biggest names in gaming and entertainment onto their platform.

While still in its infancy, Kick’s meteoric growth shows its potential to truly compete with Twitch. According to recent data, Kick boasts over 150m monthly visits and 50,000 partnered streamers.

The most-followed streamer on Kick is none other than Adin Ross. The controversial streamer made waves by switching to Kick and bringing his massive community with him. The “Slots & Casino” category dominates viewership, accounting for over 90% of streams. However, Kick has made major partnerships with top non-gaming creators to diversify their content.

While still trailing Twitch in total hours watched, Kick’s meteoric start shows they are serious about competing for the future of live streaming. If early trends continue, Kick could someday dethrone Twitch as the premier platform for gaming, entertainment and more.

Top 20 Kick Streamers in December 2023

RankStreamerCountryFollowers⌀ ViewersKick Channel
1Adin Ross🇺🇸535,00048,500 AdinRoss
2xQc🇨🇦462,00039,000 xQc
3BruceDropEmOff🇺🇸268,00013,500 ROSHTEIN
4Westcol🇨🇴171,00022,300 Westcol
5Amaru🇫🇷155,0002,600 Amaru
6Trainwreckstv🇺🇸150,00012,500 Trainwreckstv
7ROSHTEIN🇸🇪142,00010,100 ROSHTEIN
8Drb7h🇸🇦139,00015,000 Drb7h
9Amouranth🇺🇸133,0003,100 Amouranth
10stackswopo🇺🇸85.0002,600 stackswopo
11Corinna Kopf🇺🇸86.00011,000 corinnakopf
12Ice Poseidon🇺🇸74,0009,300 Ice Poseidon
13GMHikaru🇺🇸71,0003,100 GMHikaru
14Destiny🇺🇸61,00010,500 Destiny
15Ac7ionMan🇺🇸60,0004,500 Ac7ionMan
16Brunenger🇦🇷59,0004,100 Brunenger
17LosPollosTV🇺🇸56,0005,300 LosPollosTV
18Heelmike🇺🇸55,5003,300 Heelmike
19Fwaz🇰🇼55,00013,000 Fwaz
20PaulinhoLOKObr🇧🇷54,00013,000 PaulinhoLOKObr

ℹ️ This ranking includes all kinds of streamers on Kick. If you are only interested in gambling content, check our ranking for the most popular casino streamers.

Top 5 Most Followed Streamers on Kick

Let’s take a closer look at the top five streamers on with the most followers, who consistently are attracting substantial viewership numbers. It’s important to preface that this list is constantly changing and these are the top streamers as of December 2023.

1) Adin Ross

Adin Ross experienced a meteoric rise within the Twitch community, captivating audiences with his charm, entertaining skills, and unfiltered authenticity. His rapid ascent led him to claim the 16th spot among the most-followed Twitch streamers, solidifying his position as a rising superstar.

Despite facing multiple bans and suspensions on Twitch due to guideline violations, Adin ultimately decided to make the leap to the exclusive world of Kick.

On the new platform, he achieved remarkable success, becoming the most-watched streamer with an impressive average of 45,000 viewers and a peak of over 189,000 viewers in the past 30 days. As a testament to his popularity, Adin has amassed an astounding 521,000 followers on Kick, making him a record-holder in the platform’s early history.

Adin Ross Casino
Adin Ross is the biggest streamer on Kick

2) xQc

Another notable content creator, xQc, faced his share of controversies on Twitch, with bans related to explicit content, offensive remarks, and stream sniping. Despite these challenges, xQc maintained a loyal and sizable fanbase, consistently drawing high viewership numbers.

His popularity reached unprecedented heights as he held the title of the most-watched streamer on Twitch for three consecutive years, from 2020 to 2022. In a groundbreaking move, xQc signed an extraordinary two-year, $100 million deal to stream on Kick in June 2023. With 456,000 followers, xQc is currently the second most popular creator on the platform with half of those followers coming in the last 30 days.

3) BruceDropEmOff

BruceDropEmOff is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media influencer, widely recognized for his live streams on Twitch, and more recently Kick.

Among his favored categories to stream are just chatting, as well as gaming content like Roblox, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto. With over 262,000 followers on his Kick channel, and a substantial following across other social media platforms, BruceDropEmOff has quickly become one of the prominent streamers on

4) Westcol

WestCOL, a prominent Colombian video maker and streamer, recently made his way into Kick’s top 10 streaming ranks gaining over 165,000 followers. His captivating content garners an impressive average viewership, positioning him alongside some of the platform’s most popular streamers. Despite his success on Kick, WestCOL remains active on Twitch, where he boasts over 1.3 million followers and occasionally streams engaging content.

5) Amaru

Amaru is a prominent French streamer who also recently made his way into Kick’s top 10 streaming ranks. His dedicated fans seem to have followed him on Kick amassing more than 152,000 followers on the platform. Although he has had massive success on Kick, Amaru still streams on Twitch with nearly a million subscribers.

Kick Streaming
Kick is everywhere – and might even overtake Twitch

Why is Kick Overtaking Twitch?

On December 6, 2022, Trainwreckstv announced the arrival of a new streaming platform, Kick, marking a potential shift in the streaming landscape. Kick started generating buzz, becoming a credible contender that could challenge Twitch’s long-standing dominance as the premier platform for content creators. Twitch, owned by Amazon, had revolutionized the entertainment industry and transformed how audiences interact with content and streamers online.

In recent years, the streaming industry experienced unprecedented growth, and Twitch faced its fair share of internal challenges, creating opportunities for other platforms to rise and challenge its supremacy.

On, content creators have found a liberating platform to express themselves fully. The platform’s rapid ascent to popularity is attributed to its association with and the appealing deals it offers top influencers, making it a formidable player in the streaming industry.

ℹ️ If you are interested in becoming a streamer yourself, read our Kick Streaming Guide for valuable advice how to get started.

Kick Streamers Becoming More Popular

The emerging streaming platform adopts a generous 95-5 revenue split, with the lion’s share of earnings directed towards the live streaming creators themselves. Viewers’ tips go directly to the streamers, ensuring that they benefit directly from their loyal audience’s support.

Moreover, Kick extends the opportunity for all creators to establish a “steady income” based on viewership metrics. This revenue-sharing model incentivizes content creators to thrive and fosters a more rewarding experience for both the creators and their dedicated viewers. stands out as an innovative streaming platform, providing creators with a global audience to share their passions, talents, and interests freely. Serving as an alternative to Twitch, is committed to fostering an environment where creators can express themselves without fear of censorship or restrictive policies.

With its association with and attractive financial deals for top influencers, Kick has rapidly gained popularity and attracted a diverse range of content creators.

As continues to redefine the streaming landscape and offer a platform for creators to thrive, these streamers are leading the charge and shaping the future success of the platform. With their unique personalities and diverse content, they have left a lasting impact on live streaming, captivating audiences worldwide and contributing to Kick’s remarkable ascent in the streaming industry.

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