Most Famous Streamer Bans of All Time: Twitch, YouTube & Co.

Since its establishment in 2011, Twitch – and other live-streaming platforms – have seen numerous streamer bans for a multitude of reasons. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest bans in streaming history, from former U.S. President Donald Trump to popular streamers like Dr Disrespect and Adin Ross.

Streamer Bans

Whether from explicit clear rule-breaking, or miscommunications of the platform’s terms and conditions, suspensions and bans have been a common occurrence on Twitch. The bans can vary from temporary suspensions lasting 24 hours to permanent bans in severe cases. But what are the most notorious cases of all time?

Adin Ross found a new home on Kick

Adin Ross has been banned from Twitch multiple times for various reasons, such as using homophobic slurs, showing nudity, violating terms of service, and promoting gambling to minors.

After Adin Ross received his eighth and final ban on Twitch in 2023, prompting a permanent ban from the platform.

The ban was related to a lack of chat moderation, specifically unmoderated hateful conduct. Nevertheless, Adin Ross found success on Kick, cementing his place as one of the most popular streamers on the new platform.

Dr Disrespect – a mysterious streamer ban

In the Summer of 2020, Dr Disrespect, the self-proclaimed ‘Face of Twitch,’ faced a highly publicized permanent ban from the platform.

However, the exact reason behind his ban remains shrouded in mystery, with no official explanation ever provided. Despite the uncertainty, the popular streamer quickly adapted, taking his talents to YouTube and maintaining his devoted audience.

Dr Disrespect, portrayed by Guy Beahm, was a sensation on Twitch, known for his flamboyant 80s action-hero character and high-quality production.

On June 26, 2020, his channel vanished from Twitch, sparking rumors and speculations among fans. Just months before the ban, he had signed a multi-year contract with Twitch, making his removal even more perplexing.

Over two years later, the legal dispute between Dr Disrespect and Twitch reached a resolution, with no admission of guilt from either party. Despite the ban, the Doc continued to thrive on his new platform, showcasing the unpredictable and ever-evolving world of live-streaming.

Ice Poseidon – a permanent ban with ongoing impact

One of the most well-known bans on Twitch was that of streamer Ice Poseidon. There was an incident where he was live streaming at an airport with a speaker attached to him where chatters could donate to read something aloud.

After chatters mentioned bombing the airport he was in, he was arrested for a bomb threat and subsequently, got banned from the platform.

Ice Poseidon transitioned to YouTube and Kick, where his channels continue to grow. Although the ban had repercussions for the streamer, he made efforts to reform his community and appealed to Twitch to reconsider the permanent ban on his account.

ZilianOP – deception and disappearance

ZilianOP, a World of Warcraft streamer in 2013, shocked viewers when he stood up from his wheelchair during a stream, deceiving them about his disability.

This incident was compounded by his use of his disability to raise funds for personal gains.  After being called out for his misleading behavior, ZilianOP was banned from Twitch and disappeared from the internet, only to return in 2020 under a new alias, addressing his ability to walk again after years of physical therapy.

Phantoml0rd – a battle against Twitch’s ruling

Phantoml0rd’s ban from Twitch was unique, as he chose to challenge the platform’s decision. The streamer was banned for misleading viewers over CS:GO skin gambling, leading Twitch to remove his channel from the site.

Following the ban, Phantoml0rd took Twitch to court, seeking damages and claiming misrepresentation. Ultimately, he won the case, receiving compensation for the alleged financial damage.

Destiny – political commentator facing an indefinite ban

Destiny, a popular political commentator and streamer, experienced a sudden and indefinite ban on Twitch after featuring previously banned figures on his stream, including a white supremacist.

Although the exact reason for the ban was not disclosed, Destiny fully transitioned to YouTube for all streaming and content.

Donald Trump – how did a former President get banned?

Not even a former U.S. President can escape Twitch’s ban hammer. In early 2021, Donald Trump received a permanent ban from the platform following his suspension for hateful conduct.

The ban stemmed from his involvement in the January, 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. Twitch, like other platforms, took action against Trump for inciting violence, leading to a highly publicized ban.

Streamer ban history continues

Twitch’s history is marked by numerous suspensions and bans, affecting prominent figures, former presidents, and rising streamers alike. From publicized bans, to legal battles, these incidents have shaped the platform’s policies and community.

Despite bans, many streamers have found new homes on alternative platforms like, showcasing the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of live-streaming.

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