The crypto casino Stake is gaining popularity around the globe – partially thanks to promotion through casino streamers like Rosthein and Trainwreckstv. Stake exclusive games are ubiquitous on But why are they so popular? Learn how to play the Stake Originals like Plinko, Crash and HiLo. Find out if Stake Originals are rigged and what the best alternatives are.

What Are Stake Originals and Exclusives?

Stake is a popular online casino that was founded in 2017. It’s distinctive offerings and promise of high returns has garnered a loyal following. The main attractions are the Stake Originals section which has approximately 20 games developed by the casino in-house.

Many players enjoy Stake Originals even with simple graphics and straightforward gameplay. For those who venture into the realm of Stake, the question of winning strategies and odds in Stake Originals often arises.

We’ll delve into the best tips and tactics for maximizing your success in Stake Originals. Additionally, we will explore alternative options available to players seeking variety.

The Most Popular Originals on

A key aspect being touted by Stake Originals is their reliance on ‘provably fair algorithms’. They state that each player can independently verify the game results. This ensures that the casino has no undue influence over the outcomes.

Transparency and fairness are integral to the Stake experience. But with the games developed by the casino itself–how can we prove that they’re telling the truth about their numbers? We’re taking a look at the most popular Stake exclusive games.

Stake Crash

Stake Crash stands as one of the casino’s most popular offerings. In this game, players participate alongside others, collectively betting against the house. The objective is to predict how long the market will rise before crashing.

It’s important to exercise caution, as the crash is random, and remaining in the game for too long can be risky. However, the longer you ride the line, the higher your bet multipliers are, potentially leading to significant winnings.

Stake Crash boasts an average return-to-player (RTP) of 99%. To ensure the randomness of each game they state that they incorporate, ‘provably fair technology’.

Stake Exclusive Game Crash
The Stake exclusive game Crash is among the most popular Originals

How to Win in Stake Crash

To enhance your chances of success in Stake Crash, consider utilizing the Martingale strategy. This strategy involves doubling your bet after each loss and returning to your original stake once you win. It’s a relatively low-risk approach that can yield favorable results.

Suppose you start the game with a $100 bankroll and place an initial bet of $5. Leveraging the auto cash out feature, it simplifies using the Martingale strategy in Stake Crash. You set the auto cash out value to 2.00x, ensuring that you exit the game once your winnings surpass twice the initial bet.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Bet $5 and lose.
  2. Double your bet to $10 on the next round, but unfortunately, you lose again.
  3. Increase your bet to $20, but luck is not on your side.
  4. Finally, bet $40 and secure a win, recovering your previous losses and earning an additional $5.

Although the Martingale strategy may appear relatively safe for Stake Crash, it can be deceiving. As demonstrated in the example above, reaching a point where you don’t have enough funds for another doubling can force you to accept the loss. It’s crucial to exercise caution as bet sizes can escalate rapidly when using the Martingale strategy in Stake Crash.

ℹ️ You might stumble across some predictor scripts for Crash when searching online. We have tested these Stake Crash Predictors extensively and warn you from using those tools.

Best Alternatives to Stake Crash

The popularity of crypto Crash games has led to the emergence of various adaptations. If you’re looking for alternatives to Stake Crash, consider the following options:

  • Space XY by BGaming
  • Magnify Man by Fugaso
  • Limbo Cat and F777 Fighter by Onlyplay
  • Spaceman by Pragmatic Play

While these versions may differ in terms of graphics and sound, they retain the essence of the original game. Timing is key in all Crash games, and those who lack patience may miss out on the exhilaration of a substantial payout.

Stake Plinko

As one of the simplest Stake Original casino games, Stake Plinko offers straightforward gameplay. The game presents a triangular board comprising various pins, with multipliers placed at the bottom.

A ball is released from the top of the triangle, navigating through the pins until reaching a resting spot at the bottom. While reaching the bottom guarantees a prize multiplier, the open sides of the triangle pose a risk of losing if the ball exits the arena.

Stake Plinko offers customization options for bet size, volatility level, and the number of rows of pins to play with. Like Stake Crash, this crypto casino game is also backed by provably fair technology. Plinko is heavily inspired by the popular Japanese game Pachinko.

Stake Original Plinko
Stake Plinko is inspired by the Japanese game Pachinko

How to Win in Stake Plinko

Bankroll management is crucial in Stake Plinko since the outcome of each round is random. For more flexible bankroll management go for low-risk levels and avoid placing excessively large bets.

The largest multiplier available is 1,000x while the house has an edge of 1.00%. Stake Plinko presents players with various options to adjust the risk level and the number of rows. Players can adopt different strategies in the settings by changing the amount and frequency of their bets.

Consider the following example for a successful Stake Plinko strategy:

  1. Start the game with a $100 bankroll.
  2. Instead of immediately opting for a high-risk level with a $10 stake per ball, begin with a medium risk level and a $1 bet for 100 balls. This approach ensures that most balls fall into the middle of the game board, providing a satisfactory return on your investment.

Utilizing the autoplay feature is ideal for implementing the Stake Plinko strategy. It allows you to preselect the desired number of balls, providing better control and monitoring.

Experienced Stake Plinko players often experiment with different risk levels based on their desired outcome. Playing at a low risk level prolongs the gameplay, while a higher risk level offers the opportunity for greater winnings, and losses.

Top Alternatives to Stake Plinko

Stake Plinko is not the sole game that allows for the strategy. You may also enjoy Crypto Plinko and Plinko XY, developed by BGaming. Both games serve as excellent substitutes for Stake Plinko. They offer similar risk settings, maximum wins, and RTP. Notably, BGaming also incorporates provably fair algorithms to ensure the integrity of their Plinko games.

Stake HiLo

HiLo is a game that challenges you to predict whether the next playing card you are dealt will be of a higher or lower value than the previous card. While it may sound simple, there are nuances to consider. Players must make decisions based on whether the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the current one displayed on the screen.

The game’s statistics provide percentage odds for the likelihood of the next card falling into either category. Opting for the more probable option results in a lower multiplier for winnings, while selecting the less likely option carries higher risk but the potential for greater rewards.

Players can also choose to skip specific cards if they prefer not to gamble on them. As with many Stake Originals, HiLo employs a ‘provably fair mechanism’, enabling players to verify the fairness of each game round through access to the game’s open-source code.

Stake Original HiLo
Stake HiLo is among the lesser known Stake Originals

How to Win at Stake HiLo

To win at Stake HiLo requires strategy and a bit of luck. By following these expert tips, you can significantly enhance your chances of making successful bets.

Unlike many other casino games, HiLo doesn’t have a specific strategy to win. It relies on playing the odds and trusting your instincts. As the cards are drawn randomly, it’s possible to experience a losing streak.

During such times, the temptation to increase bets to recoup losses can arise. However, this approach can lead players to even greater losses. Instead, make rational decisions based solely on the card you are dealt–and trust that your luck will change.

If you find yourself in a losing streak and reach a point where your losses exceed your comfort level–it’s crucial to stop playing. Continuing to bet risks incurring further losses that could become problematic. Accept that you’ve had an unfortunate streak and move on.

Similarly, when you’re on a winning streak, it’s important to know when to cash out. It can be tempting to believe that luck will continue in your favor, but the reality is that you’ll eventually make a losing bet. If you’ve achieved a satisfactory win, it’s prudent to cash out your profits rather than risk losing everything.

Stake Dragon Tower

Dragon Tower revolves around betting on the patterns of dragon eggs that appear on your screen. If you’re familiar with Mines, Dragon Tower shares similarities with this classic game. As with other original games, Dragon Tower tests your nerve as you navigate the delicate balance between risk and reward.

While Dragon Tower is a little more complicated compared to games like Crash and Diamonds, its fundamental concept remains simple. You select a difficulty level, multiplier, and stake, and then place your bets on the dragon eggs that emerge on the screen.

The longer you wait before cashing out, the higher your payout will be. However, be cautious of the appearance of a skull, which terminates the round and returns your stake. Dragon Tower offers a fast-paced and volatile experience that can be immensely enjoyable.

How to Win at Stake Dragon Tower

We recommend starting with extremely low stakes. With allowing bets as low as $0.01, it’s advantageous to leverage this option. Given the rapid pace of the game, with each round lasting less than five seconds, it’s best not to squander large portions of your bankroll here. Opting for small stakes ensures greater longevity during gameplay.

Predicting which boxes on the tower contain hidden dragon eggs is impossible, making Dragon Tower a game purely driven by luck. In the realm of such volatile casino games, your aim should be to minimize losses.

This necessitates stringent bankroll management. Establish a gambling budget before you commence, as you may encounter a series of losses before fortune smiles upon you.

As previously mentioned you can use the Martingale strategy as reflected in our Stake Crash strategies. The Martingale strategy involves halving bets on wins and doubling them on losses. developers have acknowledged the Martingale strategy’s appeal to Dragon Tower players by incorporating buttons next to the bet entry box for automatically halving or doubling wagers.

While not the worst strategy, we refrain from readily endorsing the Martingale strategy in this Dragon Tower guide. It’s still risky and primarily functions as a short-term tactic–it doesn’t fare well for long-term bankroll growth. Additionally, the house’s endorsement of this strategy raises valid concerns.

Are Stake Originals Rigged?

Stake states that they implement a ‘provably fair algorithm’ for each game. That players can use their publicly available data to independently verify the game results. In theory, this should ensure that the casino would operate fairly, like any other online casino.

Players using Stake’s services have no reason to doubt the platform. They see their favorite streamers winning big all the time on Twitch, Kick, YouTube and even Facebook.

Users are under the impression that there’s a good chance that they’ll end up losing- and that the odds are the same just like any other gambling service. They probably won’t win, but there’s is a small, albeit fair chance that they’ll win big.

With these two factors at play, a typical player has no reason to suspect that Stake could rig of influence the outcomes of the game.

The transparency and fairness that Stake markets to its clients are a pillar of their business model, it’s part of the ‘the Stake Originals experience’. But if Stake is publishing its own data sets, how can we independently verify they’re real and that the games aren’t rigged? The truth is that we can’t.

If you investigate Stakes published data on their user’s returns and gains, you could reasonably be under the impression that someone could make money gambling on Stake. That reason, as well as streams from celebrities like Drake and Trainwreckstv hitting jackpots in the tens of millions, Stake is pushing an unrealistic narrative and expectation to its potential users.

We can’t say for certainty that Stake Originals are rigged – but with user comments, streamers playing with ‘fake money’, and general unethical business practices, there is reasonable doubt that Stake exclusive games are not what they appear to be.

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