Is Stake Legal in the US? Soon, the Answer Could Be ‘Yes’

The popular crypto casino may soon be opening its doors to US players. Stake is currently illegal in the US due to the lack of a valid gambling license for the region. However, rumours are swirling that Stake is looking to acquire an established US gaming company that already holds the required licensing. Would that mean that Stake becomes legal in the US?

Stake Legal US

At the moment, the world of online gambling, gaming, and streaming is buzzing with anticipation., a notable crypto casino operator, is rumored to be exploring acquisitions that could enable its entrance into the US iGaming market.

Stake has had its share of controversy in the past, but it’s clear that the company is eager to break into more regulated gaming markets around the world.

Currently, Stake is not legal in the US. Players from the United States are being redirect to the social casino – meaning no real stakes, no real winnings. This might change soon.

Rumored Takeover of Rush Street Interactive

Among several potential acquisition targets, one name stands out: Rush Street Interactive (NYSE: RSI), a long-rumored takeover target. According to industry expert Eilers & Krejcik Gaming (EKG), Rush Street Interactive fits the bill perfectly as a suitable candidate for’s expansion plans. This is largely due to its robust regulatory credentials and coveted online casino licenses, making it a prime target.

Acquiring Rush Street Interactive could bring a wealth of benefits for Stake. The fact that RSI operates under well-established brands like BetRivers and PlaySugarHouse in numerous states, and offers mobile sports betting in Ontario, just adds to the allure.

Stake Might Be Legal in the US Soon

With Stake also rumored to be prepping an initial public offering (IPO), its push into the US could be the first step toward establishing itself as a global gaming giant. The company is making headlines on a weekly basis and got introduced to a wider audience after the launch of the streaming platform

Should this rumored acquisition come to fruition, it could change the game for US citizens who are enthusiastic about online gambling. With Stake’s impressive track record and the potential licensing capabilities that come with Rush Street Interactive, there’s a lot to be excited about.

The world of online gaming is expanding rapidly, and this could be a major step forward for the industry. As we await the final roll of the dice, one thing is clear: is playing to win, and its sights are firmly set on the American market.

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