Streamer Sliker Scams His Fans for 300,000 USD Through Gambling Streams

Streamer Sliker has been under fire by numerous fans and fellow content creators as he’s been accused of scamming them with huge amounts of money. The allegations against Sliker gained light in mid-September when he asked his fans to donate to him as his bank account was frozen. According to the allegations, Sliker used around $300,000 that he gained via donations to fuel his gambling addiction. 

Numerous fellow Twitch streamers shared details as to how Sliker managed to scam them. Streamer “mikelpee” stated that Sliker sent a video to the said player and in the video, he begged for donations as his account was locked and hence, he couldn’t use any money. 

“lukeafk,” a YouTube streamer, also stated that he lost $27,000 to Sliker. He added that even though Sliker promised him that he would return the money, he’s still waiting to be repaid. 

Trainwrecks and xQc, both Twitch streamers, added fuel to the fire by saying that Sliker sent them desperate appeals. Even though xQc did not send him any funds, Trainwrecks burned as he transferred a significant amount. 

Ever since these popular streamers bashed out Sliker about the donations, many fans also started coming out. 

Since the fire under Sliker was building up, he had no choice but to respond to the allegations. In a stream under the label “here,” Sliker confessed the wrongdoing. In the 20-minute video, he confessed that he has a gambling addiction and his cry for help was actually false and he did it just so he could feed his addiction. 

He expanded that the addiction began by placing wagers on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins. As time went on, Sliker noted that he started gambling excessively. That resulted in him throwing away all the profits that he made as a streamer. 

Sliker Plans to Pay Off His Debts 

Sliker admitted that he did a lot of mistakes. However, he added that his intention wasn’t scamming people and noted that he’s planning on paying off his debt. 

This is not the first time that Sliker has had problems on Twitch. Even though he has a huge following of over 400,000 people, he’s been banned from the platform a few times before. 

According to the reports, the streamer posted an emote in the chat section and that violated the terms and conditions of Twitch. That led to him receiving a three-day ban from the platform. He took to Twitter to say that he was aware of the incident, but noted that he did it by accident. 

Twitch was kind enough to acknowledge Sliker’s mistake and that is why the platform decided to welcome him back. As soon as he went online, Sliker started a stream under the title “I’m Back” and it lasted for 7 hours. 

As it looks, his return to the platform did not last long as got into trouble over his gambling addiction. 

Twitch’s terms and conditions are problematic for many users. Meowko, a popular Japanese streamer, reported in March that she was banned from the platform twice for weird reasons. 

In a tweet, Meowko stated that Twitch decided to ban her because she took a break from working out to cook some food. The issue, as Meowko explains, was that she did not change clothes before going to make the dish. 

Even though she reported that she finished a workout, the platform mistook her clothes for swimwear, something that is worthy of a ban. 

Gambling Streams Have Become Popular on Twitch 

Interestingly enough, xQc was among the rare streamers that did not fall for Sliker’s cry for help. He noted that he knew that something was off. After all, xQc is a gambling addiction himself and said that he knows that Sliker’s calls for donations are red flags. 

In a recent stream, xQc noted that his all-time wagers on gambling platforms exceed $500 million dollars. He makes money by streaming his gambling activities on Twitch. This is something that proved to be quite a massive hit in the recent period.

Many fellow streamers are looking to join this trend, but it became quite deadly. Streamers are no strangers to developing gambling addictions via these streams. 

In xQc’s specific case, he showed that he placed 656,376 bets at crypto casino The statistics showed that he only won 63,057 out of the total number of bets. 

This is one of the reasons why many community members such as Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Devin Nash oppose gambling’s presence on Twitch. In a joint stream, the three said that many streamers are being paid to broadcast gambling activities as a way to promote/advertise certain platforms. 

Statistics show that the Slots category has experienced massive growth in the past couple of months. In April 2022, the total number of hours watched here was 31 million, but the number rose to over 50 million in September. 

These numbers represent a 66% YoY increase and thanks to that fact, Slots has actually become one of the top 10 categories on Twitch. 

Other streamers acknowledged that this may be a problem in the community and took Sliker’s case to issue their critics on those responding to Sliker. Tanya DePass took to Twitter to say that the energy should’ve been equal to other issues such as misogyny, homophobia, racism and transphobia. 

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