Sam Pepper, known for his provocative antics, rose to prominence as a contestant on the UK’s Big Brother before transitioning to YouTube, where his boundary-pushing content garnered millions of subscribers by 2014. Yet, this fame arrived just before substantial shifts in the YouTube ecosystem, challenging the sustainability of his controversial approach.

Why is Sam Pepper Famous?

Sam Pepper, a name synonymous with pranks and controversy, first entered the limelight as a contestant on the UK version of Big Brother. With his quirky and somewhat abrasive personality, he left a lasting impression on viewers. However, it was his transition to YouTube after being evicted from the reality show that catapulted him to internet stardom.

In the early days of his YouTube career, Pepper’s content was always being pushed to extremes. His approach was simple: the more offensive, weird, or bizarre, the better. This strategy earned him millions of views and subscribers, quickly inflating his online ego and motivating him to push the boundaries even further.

By 2014, Sam Pepper boasted two million subscribers, securing his status as one of the most popular and influential YouTubers of the time. It’s essential to note that this was a period just before significant shifts in the YouTube landscape. Including the ‘Adpocalypse” and the rise of creators like Logan Paul. Pepper’s fame thrived in this environment, but it became obvious that this kind of content wasn’t sustainable.

Sam Pepper, the popular content creator, keeps his family life relatively private, but some details have emerged. 

In recent times, Sam Pepper has been in a relationship with Hannah Rideway, an influencer who has made appearances in Pepper’s videos and Instagram posts. Although we can’t confirm that the two are dating, they do seem to be spending quite a bit of time together.

Who’s Hannah? She’s the official Kick news. You can follow her for news every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Prior to dating Hannah, Sam was linked to Cat Rose as well as Bella Thorne.

New Sam Pepper Controversy: Nudity Livestreamed on Kick 

The Setup: In a recent incident, two content creators, Paul Denino, known as Ice Poseidon, and Sam Pepper, hired a sex worker during a trip to Brisbane. They broadcasted the encounter on the streaming platform Kick, which caused a significant backlash.

The Uncomfortable Encounter: During the live stream, they had a third man initiate with the sex worker, who initially consented to be filmed for an extra fee. Cameras were set up in a hotel room, capturing everything that happened. 

However, things took an uncomfortable turn when the woman received a message from a friend. It was warning her that it was a setup and two more men, Ice Poseidon, and Sam Pepper, were hiding in the apartment. This obviously made her uneasy. She attempted to leave but the man stood in the door way, blocking her. She finally was able to leave, and you can see Sam and Ice Poseidon run into the room.

Controversy and Backlash: The livestream faced intense criticism from viewers who found it repulsive. Many were upset with Kick for seemingly endorsing the content, especially as the platform’s co-founder, Ed Craven, was not only watching the stream but commenting.

Viewers were disturbed by the uncomfortable situation the woman found herself in. This is even though regulated prostitution is legal in Queensland, Australia. Audience members and other influencers commented describing the content as “weird and disgusting,” emphasizing how uncomfortable the woman appeared.

Creators Speak Out: Other content creators also condemned the livestream. A fellow streamer on Kick, MsSavage, expressed her discomfort with the content and called on Kick to take action.

Police Involvement and Swatting: Following the encounter, Pepper and Denino returned to the streets of Brisbane. Rumors circulated that they had been arrested for sexual assault, but Denino clarified that they had been “swatted.” Swatting refers to when viewers call law enforcement on a streamer, often leading to armed police showing up. Denino confirmed that the police considered the content legal and safe.

Kick’s Response: Kick posted a statement on its X account on September 24. The statement did not mention Denino’s livestream but indicated that the platform was reassessing its guidelines and enforcement policies to prioritize community and public safety.

Past Sam Pepper controversy

During this era, several women came forward with accusations of sexual assault and harassment against Sam Pepper. These allegations stemmed from a series of YouTube videos he previously made. In the videos, he wore a hoodie, a fake hand, and engaged in generally offensive behavior. His actions included slapping and pinching women’s butts and even kissing them without their consent.

Pepper faced a widespread backlash and criticism, particularly during the early stages of what would later become known as the YouTube #MeToo movement. While the broader #MeToo movement had yet to fully take shape, allegations of sexual assault were beginning to circulate within the YouTube community.

As a result of these allegations and the ensuing controversy, Sam Pepper’s YouTube channel was demonetized. He vehemently defended himself, asserting that everything in his videos was staged and consensual. Despite these claims, his apology seemed half-hearted to many.

“I killed my best friend” Prank

However, what truly sparked outrage was his, “I Killed My Best Friend” prank. In this video, Pepper ‘pretended’ to kidnap one of his best friends. He subjected them to psychological distress and placed them in terrifying situations. His actions, which included waving a gun in their face, left the other participants visibly uncomfortable and deeply concerned.

The authenticity of the video remains uncertain, with no confirmation of any harm happening. Nevertheless, the moral and psychological implications of the prank were significant.

Acknowledging Past Actions

On February 21, 2016, Sam Pepper took a significant step by making all his YouTube videos private and deleting his tweets, except for one reading “I give up.” 

He then posted a 20-minute video titled “i’m sorry” on February 24, 2016. In this video, Pepper confessed that many of his pranks, including the controversial “Killing Best Friend Prank,” were staged. He denied allegations of harassment, attributing them to online trolling.

Pepper issued an apology for his past videos, acknowledging his actions as foolish. He pledged to create content aligned with his genuine beliefs and values. Unfortunately, we all know this new outlook didn’t last very long.

A New Beginning for Sam Pepper

After his apology video, Sam Pepper ceased producing prank videos and shifted his content focus to vlogs. This change in direction was met with a more positive response from his audience.

In 2018, Pepper transitioned to his “Sam Pepper Live” channel, collaborating with fellow live streamer Ice Poseidon. Subsequently, he pivoted once more in 2019, becoming inactive on YouTube and embracing TikTok. 

On TikTok, Pepper concentrated on creating short comedy videos featuring challenges, life hacks, and stunts. His presence on the platform marked what many considered a fully-fledged comeback.

How did Sam Pepper make his money? 

But his new beginning didn’t last very long. In 2021, Sam Pepper worked as a consultant for FaZe Clan, focusing on YouTube channel strategy. However, controversy followed him. 

Allegations emerged that he influenced a developer of the cryptocurrency “Save the Kids” token, to modify it for a pump-and-dump scheme. Pepper denied substantial involvement in the scandal, but former FaZe Clan member Frazier Khattri (FaZe Kay) and YouTube investigator Coffeezilla accused him of orchestrating the plan. This led to a rift between Pepper and Khattri, with Khattri vowing to sever ties with Pepper.

The Save the Kids scandal also gave rise to the nickname “Scam Pepper” on Twitter. Pepper distanced himself from FaZe Clan. He explained that he was paid by a FaZe member for video assistance and was subsequently embroiled in the controversy against his wishes.

Where is Sam Pepper streaming now?

Following these controversies, Sam Pepper’s online presence waned. He posted sporadically on platforms like Instagram, where he claimed to have won the lottery and purchased an isolated island. However, these claims were met with skepticism, leaving many uncertain about Pepper’s intentions.

If you’re interested in watching Sam Pepper’s live streams, there are a few platforms to choose from. His primary streaming platform is Kick, where you can find a variety of his IRL (In Real Life) streams on his channel. These streams often feature his travels to different places, like South Korea and Thailand, and his mischievous adventures.

However, if you’re specifically interested in his casino-related streams, you should head over to Kick. Kick is the exclusive platform for Sam Pepper’s gambling content. The good news is that Sam also hosts his regular IRL streams on Kick so that you won’t miss out on his content.

Which games does Sam Pepper play?

If you tune in to Sam Pepper’s Kick streams, you’ll quickly notice that he loves exploring new games. He tends to lean towards non-traditional slot games, like “Drop ‘Em” from Hacksaw Gaming. 

Another favorite is “Sweet Alchemy” from Play ‘n Go, which uses a unique 9×9 grid layout. There’s also “Super Mega Monster,” played on a 7×7 grid. In addition to these innovative slots, Sam enjoys trying his luck in crypto arcade games like Plinko, as well as live games like Vegas Ball Bonanza.

Despite his love of slots, Sam Pepper frequently engages in live blackjack during his streams.

What’s Sam Pepper’s net worth?

According to reputable sources like Casino Guide – Sam Pepper’s net worth is estimated between $1.1 million and $5 million. With a prominent YouTube channel and recent revenue-generating Kick streams, Sam enjoys varied income sources.

He’s also become very popular over the last year on, which is sure to add to his lucrative online offers and revenue.

In summary, Sam Pepper’s journey through the world of online fame has been marked by various controversies and transformations. From his early YouTube videos that pushed boundaries to allegations of inappropriate behavior, and his involvement in questionable cryptocurrency promotions, Pepper’s reputation has been quite terrible. 

While he has maintained a presence on various online platforms, his path in the digital world has been clouded by controversies. Leaving many with doubts about his actions, intentions, and character.

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