Roshtein – The World’s Largest Casino Streamer

Essentially everyone that visited YouTube or Twitch in the past months, must have come across the long-haired streamer and his crazy streams. Roshtein is considered to be the Twitch’s number one gambling creator. The Swede has a huge community that watch his streams on a daily basis, and also more and more Canadians enjoy watching Roshtein play with incredibly high bets. But who is the man with the hat, and what is it that makes him the biggest casino streamer in the world?


Who is Roshtein?

Roshtein is the largest streamer of casino content on Twitch worldwide. He operates a slot channel on Twitch that is named after him and roughly gets 20,000-30,000 slot fans in front of the screens at home each night. Rosh is known for wearing flashy jewelry and mostly black clothing. He is well-known in casino communities all over the world and is considered a legend in his home country of Sweden. Online slots and casino streaming are extremely popular in the European country. Roshtein’s favorite slot machines are Fruit Party, Jammin’ Jars and Money Train 2, but Twitch’s favorite gambler also enjoys the occasional game of Black Jack or Live casino.

If you think that 50 Dollars are too much to bet on a single spin on an online slot, you should stay away from Rosh’s channel. The 31-year-old Swede plays with up to 2000 Dollars per turn and has already reached the pay-out limits on some of the machines that he frequents in his streams. It is not a surprise that these incredible sums of money attract a lot of haters and non-believers in his streams – yet nobody could ever prove that any fake machines were involved in the streams of Roshtein. 

Real nameIshmael Schwartz
Twitch ChannelRoshtein (over 500k followers)
Country of OriginSweden
Net WorthOver 18 Million Dollars
Highest WinOver 500k Dollar on Fruit Party
Preferred CasinoN1 Casino
Favorite SlotRazor Shark

It is extremely rare to see anyone gamble with this huge amount of bets. Even Roshtein emphasizes the large expenses that emerge from running a gambling channel where millions of dollars are wagered every month. But casino streaming on this scale is not an unprofitable business. Roshtein is endorsed by a number of online casino venues and receives special bonuses that make sure that the world’s largest casino streamer can make ends meet.

If you watch his streams, you will notice that Roshtein’s casino account balance often is in the hundreds or even millions of dollars. These mind-bending numbers make a lot of fans wonder: Which online casino does Roshtein play in?

The Clever Casino team analyzed hours of Twitch streams to find the online casinos that Roshtein uses in his channel. 

In Which Online Casino Does Roshtein Play His Slots?

Roshtein doesn’t promote the casinos that he plays in publicly, however, after watching hours of Twitch streams, our editors were able to find that Roshtein primarily plays in two casinos: N1 Casino and MagicRed. In particular, N1 Casino is well-known for being the preferred choice of many streamers and high-rollers, as they handle these large accounts extremely well.

The Swedish streamer pays a lot of attention to secure deposits and withdrawals and needs a casino with a large selection of slots and other games so that he can show his fans some variety in the content that he streams. N1 Casino provides excellent customer service, in particular for players that deposit 10,000 dollars and beyond. Roshtein pays attention to a partner that allows his insanely high bets – it’s natural that he chose one of the most reliable casinos in the market.

Roshtein's Favorite Casinos
N1 Casino
C$6,000 Bonus
+ 200 Free Spins
C$200 Bonus
+ 100 Extra Spins
Casino Tropez
C$3,000 Bonus
for new customers

Which Slots Does Roshtein Play in his Streams?

In his streams, Roshtein has played almost every online slot that is known to mankind and hence is one of the most proficient casino players you can find on the internet. Ismahel Schwartz, as Roshtein is called by his friends, prefers extremely volatile slots with interesting bonus features that distinguish themselves from most other slots on the market. 

From the selection of his favorite,  we can see one clear factor that makes a slot “Rosh-worthy”. The Swede and his community love machines with incremental bonus multipliers that increase every round once you enter the bonus game. As he is quite impatient and wants to maximize the excitement for his viewers, you can sometimes see him play two slots simultaneously only to stop once he manages to enter the free games in one of the games. This way Roshtein can show his fans incredible moments and wins, like for example the stream in which the streamer hit the pay-out limit of Fruit Party at 500,000 dollars. 

Are Roshtein’s Wins Fake?

The large sums in Rosh’s streams raise a lot of doubt and mistrust in the online casino community, as a lot of viewers just cannot imagine that an individual would be crazy enough to bet more than 100 dollars on a  single spin. The channel is often accused of using fake machines or fake money, however, nobody could prove so far that the largest casino streamer was lying to his audience. Schwartz himself admits that maintaining his channels is a very pricey endeavor and that he loses money on the streams themselves. However, you can be sure to believe that he offsets these expenses with exclusive bonus deals and endorsements from the online casinos that sponsor his channels.

After analyzing hours of his streaming content, our editors were not able to find any inconsistencies in terms of how Roshtein’s machines payout in the streams. Like all online slots, they are monitored by independent gambling agencies and have a constant average return to payer rate of 93-96%. It is not a secret though how the Swede finances his incredible wagers. His streams are well-covered with advertising by different casinos, and he is probably one of the best-earning casino advertisers on the planet.

There are still a few voices on the internet that accuse the stream of faking slot mechanics and wagers. So far it seems as if all the games played on his channel are in fact real and nobody could prove anything wrong with the Swede’s streams. Our editors assume that Roshtein entered special agreements with some casinos, in which he has more flexibility in his deposits and withdrawals and also receives special bonuses. VIP programs are not unusual for exception customers in online casinos.

When Does Roshtein Stream on Twitch?

If you want to see the world’s largest gambling streamer yourself, you can easily do so yourself by visiting Roshtein’s channel every afternoon after 1 PM. his streams normally finish around 6 PM and there is a lot of engagement from the community around the clock. Ismahel streams almost every day and switches between numerous slots to make sure that his viewers don’t get bored. There are also plenty of community games to participate in, and you can feel free to just chat away with other fans if you own a Twitch account yourself.

Whoever wants to see some incredible wagers and wins needs to see Roshtein’s streams. There is no other casino streamer in the world that beats his streams in excitement. 

How did Roshtein get his money?

Roshtein makes his money by advertising and promoting various online casinos in his streams. He has exclusive deals with casinos that pay him to either mention their brand in his streams or channels. Additionally, he receives special VIP bonuses that allow him to gamble with a lot more money than regular players.

Is Roshtein playing with real money?

Yes, Rosthein is playing with real money. He must make real deposits in order to play in online casinos. He is known to use different cryptocurrencies and receive special bonuses from his affiliated casinos which multiply the money he deposits. All deposits and machines in his streams are real, though.

Why is Rosthein banned?

The Twitch streaming platform occasionally bans gambling creators from its website when they don’t comply with special regulations regarding casino content. Rothstein does his best to fulfill all requirements, but it has happened in the past that his channel was offline temporarily.

What is Roshteins net worth?

It is assumed that Roshtein has a total net worth of approximately 18 Million Dollars. His earnings come from promoting casino brands in his streams and advertising for various casinos. Additionally, his over 850,000 Twitch followers pay a monthly subscription fee of which Roshtein receives a share through the streaming platform

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