Roshtein’s Twitch Ban – 6 Facts You Need to Know

High on the casino streaming ladder and fan favorite, Roshtein, a popular streaming figure on Twitch and other streaming platforms, received a ban. His twitch ban served as a surprise to many fans who tried to speculate the main reason for the axing, and according to some, here is the most plausible explanation for what could have happened.

1. Why did he get banned?

The real reason for Roshtein’s ban from Twitch was unknown, and fans were only left with speculations to fuel their curiosity. A policy change by Twitch was the nearest fans got to figuring out the reason for the ban; it does, however, seem plausible.

Twitch stated on August 12 its efforts to tackle the site’s enormously popular gambling streams by prohibiting referral codes and links for slots and roulette. Users were required to erase all their links by August 17 and would risk fines if they did not delete them. This new move was implemented to curb streamers’ rampant promotion of gambling.

Fans believe Roshtein was banned because he failed to delete all of his links, with one stating on Twitter that he still had a “casino’s logo on the overlay,” which violated the new regulations. Roshtein plays casino games in his streams, however, he tries to hide the brand names of the providers to not get banned for direct advertising. Given that his ban was put in place on August 18, this does seem plausible.

2. Why do some twitch streamers get banned?

Being banned from Twitch as a streamer can be devastating. The inability to stream might result in a significant loss of revenue. It might also leave your fans speculating as to what happened. A major drawback of being banned is that Twitch is not obliged to reveal the cause. They may claim that you breached their terms of service and leave it at that. To bridge that gap, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you might get banned from the platform.

Inappropriate Content

The streaming of inappropriate material is among the major causes of Twitch bans. This includes nudity, sexual activities, violence, firearms, illicit drugs, and conduct. Despite not allowing its users to broadcast these items, you’re also not allowed to promote them in any form.

This implies that you cannot mention illicit substances, even if you do not use them, since doing so might be seen as a kind of promotion. Talking about or displaying acts of violence and threats, including physical and non-physical violence, is likewise forbidden. You may not harass, intimidate, or engage in any type of hate speech.

Essentially, you will most likely be banned if you do anything that is blatantly insulting, upsetting, or inappropriate. As a precaution, address your viewers as if they were children. If there is anything you would not want a child to see or hear, it should not be shown or said on stream.

Copyright Infringement

You must adhere to Twitch’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notification Guidelines and Music Guidelines regarding copyright infringement. They will allow up to three strikes before banning you completely from the site. This includes playing unauthorized music, using another person’s artwork, or airing a film or television program without the required authorization.

Even if you are not allowed to broadcast unauthorized material or music, you are unlikely to be banned immediately. Twitch may issue a first strike, after which it will mute the copyrighted content or remove your video on demand (VOD), which is a recording of your live broadcast. If you regularly infringe on someone else’s copyright, they’ll give you a second and eventually a third strike.

Accidental Ban

Not all bans are deliberate; there have been several incidents of unintentional bans. This might happen if a large number of viewers report a certain streamer, leading to an automatic ban. Streamers may also contest the grounds for their suspension if they believe it falls beyond the scope of the explanation supplied. Twitch features a ban appeals system where existing banned streams may be reviewed.

3. Roshtein’s Twitter Statement

The exact Twitter statement posted on August 18 read:

Banned on @Twitch for “Spamming uploads or broadcast content that violates the Twitch Terms of Service Community Guidelines”….. Ehhhh @TwitchSupport?

Roshtein’s Reaction

4. How did his fans react?

Most fans were surprised and expressed disappointment with the ban. Roshtein seems to have amassed a huge following who loved the streamer’s content and wanted him to continue posting. In a later post, the streamer even thanked his followers for the massive support they gave him during the ban.

5. When will he be live again?

Roshtein was unbanned about 16 hours after being banned and, as such, must have continued shortly after.

6. He moved to Malta to not get banned in the future

While we can’t know this for sure, we can only speculate. Most streamers are known to flock to Malta for the following reasons:

Reasonable and Predictable Legislation

The Malta Gaming Authority requires providers to adhere to strict rules while providing them with a defined structure in which to operate. For a long time, legislators in Malta tried to develop laws that would appeal to international casinos. As such, Malta currently has gaming laws that provide numerous benefits to those who pick the Mediterranean island as their base of operations. Although Maltese regulations are pretty strict, they seem to be sensible. Furthermore, there aren’t many modifications occurring regularly. Even if changes occur, they are discussed with the people concerned to reach an agreement.

Because the gaming sector is always in the sights of tax officials, it frequently encounters excessively high taxes. Some of the charges are so steep that firms cannot function profitably. The main benefit of Malta is that the industry is not overly taxed in the country, and efforts are made to provide long-term business opportunities.

Reasonable taxes

Because tax officials constantly scrutinize the gaming sector, it frequently faces exceptionally high taxes. Some of the fees are so steep that firms cannot even function. Malta’s major benefit is that the industry is not overly taxed. Provider expenses are much lower than those paid by similar casinos in other European countries. While the requisite license isn’t cheap, the fee is small compared to the fees paid by gambling companies elsewhere.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that Roshtein also fled to Malta for any of these reasons.

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