Since 2016, Roshtein has been captivating audiences worldwide with his Twitch streams, amassing a substantial following of subscribers by gambling and slot streaming, one of the most popular categories on the platform.

Who is Roshtein?

Describing his content as a thrilling journey filled with extraordinary combats, great choreography, and infectious laughter, Roshtein’s streams indeed deliver an engaging and animated experience. His personable nature shines through as he actively interacts with his chat sessions, responding to feedback from his dedicated viewers.

With over 1.1m followers (and counting), Roshtein is undeniably one of the biggest casino streamers on Twitch and an overall popular figure on the platform. His captivating gameplay, mostly focused on slots, has found a perfect home at the renowned casino site Stake.

Real NameIshmael Schwartz
Twitch ChannelROSHTEIN (1.1m followers)
Kick ChannelROSTHEIN (140.000 followers)
Date of BirthMarch 5, 1988
Net Worth$18 million USD
Highest Win$500.000 USD in Fruit Party

How Roshtein become that big

Roshtein’s streaming journey started in 2015, and by the end of 2017, he had garnered around 30,000 followers, with an average viewership of nearly 1,000. His numbers are a true testament to how to succeed streaming.

With a strong work ethic and a consistent streaming schedule, Roshtein’s streamed hours have steadily grown over time. He now boasts an impressive 1.1 million followers, has streamed ten of thousands of hours, and accumulated millions of hours of watch time.

His captivating content attracts around 25,000 concurrent viewers per video, making him a prominent figure in the world of casino streaming.

Why is Roshtein famous?

According to his website, Roshtein playfully describes himself as a “Casino philosopher with an incredible technique.” His charismatic persona shines through in his videos and live streams, which are filled with humor and plenty of thrilling slot-based drama to entertain any casino enthusiast.

As mentioned earlier, Roshtein hails from Sweden and regularly shares his online casino gaming adventures on Twitch. However, he prefers to keep his real name under wraps, maintaining a level of confidentiality in his personal details.

Given the substantial sums of money he plays with online, it’s a sensible approach to safeguarding himself from potential cybercrime threats. This aura of mystery adds to the intrigue surrounding the player, making fans and followers curious about Roshtein’s net worth and the fascinating world of casino streaming.

Roshtein’s favorite games and casinos

Though Roshtein doesn’t publicly disclose his favored gambling platforms, our dedicated editor has deciphered that he predominantly plays in two online casinos: N1 Casino and The former holds a sterling reputation among streamers and high rollers alike for their deft management of colossal accounts.

The Swedish titan of the slots is highly discerning when it comes to secure transactions and an impressive array of slots selection. This way, he can keep his fans entertained with a broad spectrum of content in his streams.

N1 Casino, with its exceptional customer service catered especially for those committed players who deposit upwards of $10,000, fits the bill perfectly. It goes without saying that Roshtein needs a partner capable of supporting his vertigo-inducing bets. Opting for one of the industry’s most reliable casinos then comes as no surprise!

What was Roshtein’s highest win?

Roshtein’s casino streaming journey continues to defy expectations as he sets and breaks his own winning records. After an incredible $9 million victory, he outdid himself not once but twice within just 24 hours, securing a jaw-dropping $9.5 million and an astonishing $16 million win. These remarkable achievements occurred while he was spinning the reels of the immensely popular “Wanted Dead or a Wild” slot by Hacksaw Gaming.

Little did Roshtein know that shortly after celebrating his new personal best, he would reach even greater heights in his casino streaming career. During a free spins round on “Wanted Dead or a Wild,” the VS symbols appeared once again, covering the entire grid, but this time with even better multipliers. As the numbers revealed a massive $16.650.000 win, Roshtein’s excitement knew no bounds. He was jumping and running around the studio, utterly speechless.

These groundbreaking wins have undoubtedly contributed to the rapid growth of the Roshtein community. His ability to provide players with unparalleled iGaming entertainment and unforgettable gambling moments sets him apart from everyone else on Kick. Roshtein’s charisma and extraordinary gambling success continue to captivate audiences, making him a true sensation in the world of online casino streaming.

Where is Roshtein streaming now?

The much-awaited return of Roshtein’s daily streams is finally here! After spending months traveling abroad, he’s back in his studio in Malta, fully embracing his old daily schedule.

But that’s not all – Roshtein has taken things up a notch by setting a new standard for casino streaming. Now, he’s simultaneously streaming on both Twitch and Kick platforms, giving his loyal fans and newcomers a double dose of thrilling casino action. With this exciting move, Roshtein continues to push the boundaries and keep his audience entertained with the best of both worlds.

Is Roshtein fake?

The question of net worth and earnings is a hot topic in the gaming community, not only for Roshtein but for all casino streamers. However, for Roshtein, this question is often brought up more pointedly in his chats due to the substantial deposit sizes and high-stake risks of his bets

It’s not uncommon to see him playing with stake sizes exceeding $50 and even going as high as $300 per spin, which can burn through thousands of dollars in a matter of seconds. To many gamers following along in the chat channel, these amounts may seem unbelievable and unattainable.

Despite the jaw-dropping sums, Roshtein is quite transparent about his deposits and even addresses controversial questions, which works in his favor and serves as evidence that he has nothing to hide. While the incredible bets and winnings might make some wonder if he’s playing with demos or fake money, his openness and candidness with his audience provide reassurance that he’s the real deal.

For viewers who are unsure whether a streamer is playing with fill money or not, it’s prudent to assume they are until proven otherwise. Such arrangements can impact the dynamics of the gameplay, and being aware of this aspect adds context to the streams.

Who is Roshtein dating?

Despite being a popular streamer, Roshtein prefers to keep his private life closed off from the audience. As a result, his fans know very little about his family, life partners, or any other personal details.

While he entertains his viewers with thrilling casino streams and engaging gameplay, Roshtein maintains a level of privacy when it comes to his personal life, leaving his audience curious and eager for any tidbits he might choose to share in the future.

What is Roshtein’s net worth? 

Now, the moment we’ve all eagerly been awaiting – a glimpse into Roshtein’s net worth. Although exact figures are seldom made public by streamers for understandable reasons, we can make informed estimations based on various factors.

Taking into account his number of streams, average viewership, known affiliate bonus programs, and other earnings, we can arrive at an approximate figure. While websites dedicated to estimating social media and streamer incomes may offer insights, they often fall short of representing the current financial year and can be lower than the actual earnings.

According to, Roshtein has made around $16k from YouTube alone this year. However, this is just a fraction of his total earnings. With earnings from Twitch, affiliate partnerships, and his actual winnings factored in, the figure rises significantly.

While we cannot provide an exact amount, wise estimates and calculations lead us to believe that Roshtein’s net worth surpasses 100 million dollars. It’s safe to say that his impressive financial success reflects his massive popularity and influence in the streaming world.

Unfortunately, we do not have any firm numbers on how much Stake pays Roshtein because it has not been made social. But our estimate is around 1$ million dollar per month based on other notable streamers.

Controversies with Roshtein

The topic of gambling has always been a contentious one on Twitch, a platform primarily known for its focus on video games and young audiences. Despite the controversies, Twitch initially took a more lenient approach towards gambling content until a major scandal rocked the community.

In response to the growing concerns, Twitch introduced restrictions on gambling-related content in August 2021. These restrictions targeted the direct promotion of casino affiliate links during streams. As a result, Roshtein, the most popular casino streamer on Twitch, faced a temporary account suspension, but he quickly returned to the platform.

However, Twitch’s latest ban came as a surprise to many in the online gambling industry. It now seems unlikely that fans will be able to watch their favorite streamers playing at major unregulated casinos on Twitch in the near future. As a result, many popular streamers, including Roshtein, have migrated to other platforms like Currently, Roshtein streams on the platform, offering his devoted audience a new home for thrilling gambling content.

Why did Roshtein get banned?

Roshtein faced a temporary setback when Twitch banned him on August 17, 2021. The exact reasons for the ban remain unclear, with speculations pointing to possible violations of Twitch’s updated Terms of Use, which prohibited links and referrals for online gambling.

Some fans noted the presence of a casino logo in his graphics. Fortunately, the issue was resolved within a day, and Roshtein made his triumphant return to the platform, continuing to entertain his enthusiastic audience.

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