Is Nudity Allowed on Kick?’s NSFW Policy Explained

Can you stream NSFW content on Kick? While the platform offers content creators significant freedom, there’s a strict line when it comes to explicit material. We investigated the nudity policy of the streaming platform. Discover how Kick navigates this challenge and the controversies it has sparked.

Nudity on Kick

Can you stream NSFW content on Kick?

The streaming landscape on Kick sets it apart with a more relaxed approach compared to platforms like Twitch. The platform has gained popularity due to its content creators enjoying considerable freedom in broadcasting diverse content.

When it comes to NSFW (Not Safe For Work) streams on Kick, the guidelines strictly prohibit nudity, sexual activity, or explicit content.

Despite this, mature and NSFW content can still be found, particularly in popular categories like gambling. Content creators wishing to stream such material must appropriately label it as 18+, which extends to broadcasts involving alcohol, smoking, game nudity, and explicit language.

Suspensdas streams fully nude

One particularly concerning issue involves a Kick streamer named ‘Suspendas’. He has managed to avoid getting banned despite broadcasting explicit sexual content. A screenshot from Suspendas’ December 27 stream, where he appeared completely naked, raised questions about the platform’s content moderation.

Jake Lucky from Full Squad Gaming highlighted this situation, expressing surprise at Suspendas’ continued presence on the platform despite these explicit broadcasts. Not only was he nude, but he allegedly hired two sex workers to perform sexual activity during a live stream. This situation mirrors a previous incident in December when Lucky reported another Kick streamer involved in explicit actions with someone assumed to be a sex worker during a live stream.

Does Kick allow nudity?

While Kick’s community guidelines are similar to Twitch’s, explicitly prohibiting nudity, pornography, and explicit sexual content, the effectiveness of enforcing these rules and ensuring a safe streaming environment has come under scrutiny due to cases like Suspendas’.

Kick Community Guidelines – Focusing on Nudity:

  • Nudity and explicit sexual content, whether real or simulated, is strictly prohibited.
  • Sexually suggestive content, including dancing, clothing, commentary, or explicit emoticons, is not allowed.
  • Content containing mature or NSFW material must be tagged as 18+.
  • Gambling with other users on Kick is not allowed.
  • Users may have their usernames changed or accounts suspended for various violations.
  • Content labels and tags must be accurate, and certain prohibited content in titles, tags, and profiles is not allowed.
  • Enforcement actions, including content removal, account restrictions, and bans, may be taken for guideline violations.

Kick has implemented measures to curb harassment, hate speech, bullying, threats, and racial slurs though. Recent additions to the platform include options to hide NSFW and gambling content, accessible through the “Settings” section of user profiles.

Stake has recently revealed plans to implement more stringent regulations concerning nudity and sexual content. The decision to enforce stricter rules was attributed to the need to comply with Apple’s App Store policies. In an official statement shared on Discord, Kick emphasized the importance of avoiding attempts to push content boundaries.

In response to Apple’s App Store policies, Kick implemented stricter moderation on NSFW streams on April 13. These changes prohibit specific activities for money, such as twerking, and set guidelines on attire, disallowing lingerie, underwear, or pasties.

They made sure to note that swimwear or bikinis are allowed to be worn during streams. These recent adjustments reflect Kick’s evolving efforts to strike a balance between content freedom and responsible moderation.

Adin Ross shares explicit content with young fans

Kick has been known for its relatively lax approach to content moderation. This has led to instances where streamers have crossed the line of acceptable content. Popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross, who recently made the switch to Kick, is facing backlash after a clip of him streaming explicit content went viral. 

This incident has sparked accusations of hypocrisy, considering his previous criticism of hot tub streamers on Twitch. The term “hypocrite” is being used to describe Ross because of statements he made in January, where he compared hot tub streamers to gambling and called for their ban on Twitch, citing concerns about “addiction” caused by both forms of content.

Social media users were quick to point out the irony of Ross’s actions. In the clip, Ross can be seen opening a well-known adult website on stream, despite his previous statements condemning such content. He vocally expresses his disapproval of adult content while simultaneously displaying it, saying, “I don’t support porn, like, I don’t support this shit. What do ya’ll wanna watch? I don’t condone it, I don’t support it.”

This incident on the relatively new platform, Kick, has generated significant controversy and disbelief among viewers and fellow streamers, including xQc and Kai Cenat.

Lack of enforcement

One major concern raised by this incident is how Ross managed to perform such actions without facing any consequences or bans from Kick. Despite clearly violating the platform’s Terms of Service. The fact that Ross’s channel is still active on even after this incident has sparked questions about the platform’s ability to enforce its rules and regulations.

Although no action was taken against Ross, Kick has shown a mixed response, as seen in the temporary ban of Heelmike for NSFW material. Other controversial incidents involving streamers like Suspendas engaging in explicit activities during a stream have also stirred controversy.

All that being said: with recent events like Ice Poseidon and Sam Pepper streaming a friend engaging with a sex worker, Suspendas streaming nude, and Adin Ross streaming explicit content it all begs one question. Is nudity allowed on 

And the answer is the same as it was before all of these events happened. No. Can you still find nude content on Yes. It seems that although their community guidelines strictly prohibit it, there is no enforcement of them. With a lack of moderation, we’ll continue to see NSFW content from all different genres of streamers, all trying to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable.

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