Discover the intriguing journey of LosPollosTV, a familiar name in the digital realm. Starting as a gaming enthusiast, he eventually became a prominent digital influencer. Later launched his own merch store, “Snipe Squad” capturing attention along the way. Today, we explore his rise, controversies, and unexpected moments that have shaped him.

Who is LosPollosTV?

LosPollosTV is a well-known presence in the online world, whose legal name is Louis Marcos. Louis first started streaming video games but has now become a notable digital influencer.

As his online presence grew, so did his impact. LosPollosTV founded an online store selling his merchandise called, “Snipe Squad” that offers clothing which reflect his unique style. This not only connected with his followers but also showcased his entrepreneurial spirit.

Within the gaming world, LosPollosTV’s popularity has soared as he started streaming Fortnite. 

From his beginnings to his current fame, LosPollosTV’s journey embodies passion and engagement. His transition from a gaming enthusiast to an entrepreneur showcases his drive.

Real NameLouis Marcos
Twitch ChannelLosPollosTV (690,000 followers)
Kick ChannelLosPollosTV (65,000 followers)
Date of BirthFebruary 8, 1995
ResidenceNew Jersey

Why is LosPollosTV Famous?

LosPollosTV has become a notable figure in the streaming world. He made his mark in the world of online content, especially that of 2K, the NBA Basketball game. Through his engaging presence and versatile content, he has gathered a significant following.

How LosPollosTV started his career

Before stepping into streaming, LosPollosTV was washing dishes at a local hospital. It was in 2014 that he took his first steps and established his YouTube channel. At the same time, he delved into the world of live streaming, and launched his Twitch account the same year.

The first video he uploaded was in January 2015 titled, “Sapphire Jrue Holiday Glitch BS NBA 2K15”.

NBA 2K enthusiast

His initial content centered around the realm of “NBA 2K” games. Videos like “NBA 2K15 Cheesiest Cheese (In Real Life)” and “NBA 2K16 Top 10 Best Dynamic Rating MyTeam Cards” showcased his distinctive approach.

These videos resonated with audiences, solidifying his presence  online in the NBA community. This boosted his subscriber count and views, while giving him credibility online.

As his content became more popular, LosPollosTV made connections with fellow “NBA2K” streamers, establishing relationships with figures like CashNastyGaming.

This paved the way for his official inclusion in the 2Hype group of gamers, cementing his status as a recognized player in the digital gaming landscape.

Rise to prominence

He then moved to California alongside fellow members of 2Hype, where LosPollosTV continued creating videos centered around the popular NBA game. building his early foundation in the digital realm.

He also gained popularity when he started showcasing his father in his videos. LosPollosTV’s father is a constant and consistent character in his videos. Although he is less known than his son, he has influenced his son’s interests from basketball to business.

LosPollosTV’s journey from a casual gamer to a prominent online personality didn’t happen overnight. It began when he ventured into content creation – one of them being a weekly podcast that he hosts with his father. The podcast he has with his dad is 90 day Fiancé on where they discuss the show, its spinoffs, and the characters.

Exploration of Fortnite

LosPollosTV’s trajectory took a notable turn when he embraced the “Fortnite” video game. His rise in popularity wasn’t due to skills; rather, it was his lack of expertise that set him apart.

His light hearted streams propelled him into the spotlight, earning him hundreds of thousands of views. Collaborations with fellow “Fortnite” streamers like Hamlinz and NickMercs amplified his reach, catching the attention of Luminosity Gaming, leading to his inclusion in the 2Hype group.

Although he doesn’t post anymore on this channel, it continues to garner traction, regularly amassing hundreds of thousands of views. Among the most popular videos are “Hijacking My Roommates Tinder”, “Basketball Trickshots! H.O.R.S.E Challenge! Loser Jumps in Pool with Clothes”, and “NBA Shooting Stars Challenge!!! (Record)”. These videos, among others, contributed to his rising prominence.

Second YouTube Channel

While his main channel didn’t see any activity, LosPollosTV remained engaged on his second YouTube channel. Named LosPollosTV Live, this channel has an array of content ranging from “Fortnite” gameplay to reaction videos.

Notably, he introduced the web series “Ultimate Tier List”, focused on food. In this series, he rates various types of edibles, from pizza and chips to chicken and more. These videos have further solidified his popularity and contributed to his growing wealth.

How did LosPollosTV make his money?

One major income avenue for LosPollosTV is his content creation. Platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Kick have brought him a sizable following. 

He’s managed to turn his engaging content into a reliable income stream. He primarily earns through ads, brand partnerships, and viewer contributions.

Besides content, LosPollosTV has entered the world of merchandise with his brand Snipe Squad. His online store features products that resonate with his fans, adding a personal connection with the audience.

He’s also affiliated with the gambling platform Stake, which brings in compensation for his involvement. Although we do not know any specific numbers, this partnership has expanded his income sources.

LosPollosTV’s involvement in the gaming community has created opportunities to earn money at gaming events, tournaments, and sponsorships. These efforts have further added to his overall earnings and cemented his standing in the gaming world.

Is LosPollosTV dating anyone?

The Twitch star is currently single and tends to keep his private life under wraps for his fans.

Although he remains private, he did previously introduce his ex-girlfriend here. She was a fan of his who he met online, and began dating from 2020 until 2022. She’s featured numerous times in his stream.

Where is LosPollosTV streaming?

The main places where you can find LosPollosTV are on Twitch and This platform lets him share his gaming sessions, chat with viewers, and give a peek into his online adventures. Twitch gives viewers a chance to interact with him directly and enjoy his content in real time.

Apart from Twitch, LosPollosTV also shares content on YouTube. Here, you can discover highlights, vlogs, and gaming videos. YouTube’s flexible format lets him cater to different interests his audience has.

Beyond these, LosPollosTV stays active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. These spaces allow his followers to keep up with his activities, engage with his posts, and join in conversations.

Which games does LosPollosTV play?

LosPollosTV’s streams offer a mix of slot games and live casino experiences. He divides his time gambling equally between these two medians.

Among the slot games, he frequently engages with popular titles like Juicy Fruits, Wanted Dead or a Wild, and Sweet Bonanza. While these remain his go-to’s, he’s also known to explore a variety of other slot games and occasionally test new releases.

When it comes to live casino action, LosPollosTV’s preferences lean towards classics such as Blackjack and Roulette. These games capture his attention and contribute to the dynamic spectrum of his gambling endeavors.

Does LosPollosTV use fake money?

In the world of online gambling, if LosPollosTV is using real money has prompted discussions among the community. While exact details might be unclear, there’s a general agreement that he engages in live gambling with fake funds.

In these situations, it’s often sensible to lean towards caution. As viewers, it’s safe to assume that streamers are using fake money unless proven otherwise. It’s important to ensure a balanced perspective in the dynamic realm of online content.

How much does Stake pay LosPollosTV?

As for any potential partnership with Stake, there’s uncertainty. However, LosPollosTV’s betting habits appear to have been raised in the context of his streams. This raises questions about his financial involvement, even if no official sponsorship is in place.

Navigating Suspension and Unexpected Turns

LosPollosTV  was once celebrated for sustaining a livestream for an unprecedented 195 hours. But on May 27 2020, he took to Twitter  to talk about his ban and the duration of his suspension. 

So why did LosPollosTV get banned? Well, he found himself engrossed in the 2004 film ‘Super Size Me.’ The consensus among fans is that this particular scene played a role in his suspension. 

A viewer highlighted that the documentary in question was a PG-rated exploration of McDonald’s. Although, there was a medical examination scene featured on stream, which included a rectal examination.

In the wake of this suspension, there were discussions around Twitch’s favoritism to certain creators. They apply penalties for breaches of community guidelines, but are not always consistent.

Notably, this incident happened within a week of Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys narrowaly escaping a ban for sharing content deemed “inappropriate”.

Taking to Twitter, LosPollosTV confirmed the 24-hour duration of his ban. Yet, amid this, he revealed that his former girlfriend was battling with cancer. 

Another ban was earlier in his career in January 2017, he found himself temporarily banned from Twitch following a raid he orchestrated on fellow streamer Avajaijai. Though he claimed the raid was intended with no malice, his viewers bombarded her chat. Avajaijai’s plea to her audience to report LosPollosTV culminated in his subsequent ban, igniting a firestorm of mixed opinions

Stirring Controversies and Unsettling Chapters

This incident marked a turning point for LosPollosTV. His actions sparked discussions about his conduct. Allegations emerged accusing him of duping his supporters on various subreddits since early 2017. 

Among the long list of grievances from his fans, his reputation was being tarnished. For example, he had instances of abrupt stream exits right after receiving donations, failure to reimburse lost funds, deceptive giveaways, and soliciting donations for computer upgrades that were seemingly forgotten.

Adding fuel to the fire, he irked his core fan base by consistently not sticking to stream schedules, often dozing off during his streams. He curtailed his streams from six hours to a mere two, intensifying the brewing discontent.

In an attempt to address the frustration, LosPollosTV conducted an emotional Twitch stream. During this stream, he disclosed that his family was relocating to Houston due to his father’s job. He let his audience know that he chose to remain behind, facing the prospect of homelessness. 

His response to queries about alternative options evaded clarity, leaving room for speculation. His ensuing tweet hinted at the impending conclusion of his streams.

Many of his fans perceived his actions as a ploy to manipulate his viewers. Particularly since he received a surge of donations during the emotional stream—generating around $300 within an hour. 

This chapter led to a large loss of loyal subscribers who grew disillusioned by his antics. His reputation as a scammer grew so prominent that his fans found themselves targets of trolling due to their perceived naivety.

LosPollosTV’s Unique Journey

LosPollosTV’s evolution from a gaming enthusiast to a digital star has been a unique journey. Starting with humble beginnings, he embraced platforms like YouTube, Twitch and, gradually finding his footing. His foray into “Fortnite” propelled him into the spotlight, thanks to his endearing inexperience.

However, his path wasn’t without bumps. Encounters with bans and controversies tested his resilience. Despite challenges, he diversified his income through content creation, merchandise, and affiliations, showcasing his business acumen.

LosPollosTV’s story underscores the fluid nature of digital success. His authenticity, connection with fans, and ability to adapt have been key factors. As he continues on this path, his journey remains an emblem of the evolving digital landscape.

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