Kick Merchandise: Streaming Platform Launches Official Merch Store

The hot new streaming platform Kick has unveiled an official lineup of apparel and accessories. Fans are thrilled to show their Kick pride and clever social media promotion led to strong early sales. Get the full scoop on Kick’s new merch store and what fans are saying about it.

Kick Merch

The meteoric rise of streaming platform Kick has been one of the biggest stories in the gaming and entertainment space over the past year. Kick has managed to lure several top streamers away from Twitch with lucrative deals. They’ve also built a highly engaged community on Twitter through constant interactions and funny, irreverent memes.

It’s no surprise then that Kick fans were overjoyed by the recent launch of the site’s official merchandise store. This move allows the platform’s global community to literally wear their Kick pride, while also providing Kick with another revenue stream.

Diverse Range of Kick Merch, But Fans Want More

The Kick store debuted with a small but diverse range of merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies and a one-size-fits-all hat. The apparel features sleek, minimalist designs in Kick’s signature black and neon green.

T-shirt options include different styles, available in black or green for $30. The hoodie goes for $60 in the same color scheme.

While fans welcomed the ability to purchase Kick-branded gear, many quickly asked for expanded sizing and color choices. We suspect that more products will be added to the Kick merchandise line in the upcoming months. Fans are speculating that items like phone cases, bags, sweatpants and jackets are likely coming soon.

Expanding the sizing and color options for existing items seems an obvious move as well. Kick has generally been responsive to fan feedback, so pressure from the community will likely speed up the process.

Clever Promotion Drove Early Sales

To hype the launch, Kick shared news of the store on their popular Twitter account. They promoted a kick-off sale with an exclusive promo code. This sparked excitement amongst fans and drove early purchases.

The promotional effort was well-timed, coming just a week after Kick posted a cryptic tweet teasing an upcoming apparel launch. Such strategic social media marketing has helped Kick build their brand and will likely continue.

Kick Merchandise as a Smart Business Move

While Kick’s merchandise catalog is still in its infancy, the store represents a smart strategic play. Allowing fans to literally wear Kick merchandise is a proven way to drive awareness and loyalty for brands.

It also provides Kick with an additional revenue stream during a crucial growth phase. The company likely spent handsomely to lure top streaming talent away from rivals like Twitch and YouTube Live. More income diversification makes sense as Kick moves towards profitability.

For now, fans have some cool, comfortable options to showcase their Kick allegiance. As the catalog expands, they’ll be able to display their fandom in myriad ways – while also supporting Kick’s rising platform.

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