Kick Creator Program: How Every Streamer Can Earn $16/h

The streaming world shook last week when popular streamer Trainwreckstv announced’s revolutionary new Creator Program. This bold move seems poised to shift the balance of power in the ongoing streaming platform war between Amazon’s Twitch and newcomers like Kick. Will every streamer be able to earn $16 per hour?

Kick Creator Program

Kick’s Game-Changing Creator Program exploded onto the scene in 2022 as a scrappy upstart aiming to dethrone Twitch. Backed by big crypto money and sporting loose moderation policies, Kick tempts streamers with unbeatable 95/5 subscription revenue splits.

While some creators balked at Kick’s perceived shady connections, others jumped ship, including chess phenom Hikaru Nakamura and streaming juggernaut xQc.

But the platform’s latest salvo – the Kick Creator Program – could be a total game-changer. The program guarantees all streamers an hourly wage based on hours streamed, average viewership, viewer demographics, and engagement.

$16 Per Hour For All Streamers?

Top streamers often make big bucks, but smaller streamers can struggle just to make ends meet. The Kick Creator Program evens the playing field and provides a safety net, offering financial stability to creators at all levels.

As Trainwrecks explains, “The Creator Program will have a manual approval application process to weed out fake accounts, but the premise is simple: You’ll get paid for the hours you stream.”

He revealed the simple formula Kick devised to calculate hourly compensation for streamers: (Hours Streamed) x (Flat Rate Based on Kick’s Advertising CPMs) x (Average Viewers) x (Viewer Demographics & Engagement Factors)

The implications of this are huge. No longer must up-and-coming streamers grind away for pennies while desperately trying to grow their audience. The Creator Program provides a livable base income right off the bat. And even big streamers stand to benefit from the extra security blanket.

As of today, the program has not been launched yet. We’ll update this article as soon as the Kick Creator Program is available.

Twitch only pays popular partners and leaves smaller affiliates out to dry. But Kick spreads the love to creators at ALL levels. As Trainwrecks boldly declared, “Whether you have 1 viewer or 100,000 viewers, you’ll get paid for the hours you stream.”

Offering every streamer an hourly wage is a genius maneuver by Kick. It provides a soft landing for streamers fleeing Twitch, eliminating the risk of jumping ship. Kick seems to recognize that while content is king, creators are the true heart and soul of any platform.Take that, Twitch!

More Revenue Streams Added for Kick Streamers

And the cash doesn’t stop there. The company still provides the same mouth-watering 95% subscription revenue share that drew streamers in the first place. 100% of donations also go straight into creators’ pockets. And an upcoming competitive ad program aims to rival the big boys.

When you add up the hourly rate, the huge subscription cut, and future ad revenue, Kick seems poised to shower creators with previously unimaginable amounts of cash. No wonder streamers like xQc are smiling all the way to the bank!

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Kick’s loose regulations and crypto connections have raised some concerns. Mega-streamer Amouranth called the platform’s reputation “risky” and said she likely wouldn’t go exclusive – yet she did.. Others worry Kick’s backers are shady characters just out to make a quick buck.

However your opinion about Kick is, the streaming wars have entered a thrilling new phase, and content creators are the biggest winners. Kick has lit a fire under Twitch, and competition will breed innovation. Streamers now hold more influence than ever before.

Only time will tell whether Kick’s bark matches its bite. But the Creator Program seems like a truly trail-blazing idea that could push the industry forward. If Kick makes good on these promises, they could lead a revolutionary shift in how platforms support creators.

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