Explore the rollercoaster trajectory of Paul Denino, aka Ice Poseidon, who rose to Twitch fame from being an IRL streaming pioneer. Discover the highs of his rise, the lows of controversy, his involvement in cryptocurrency scandals, and his recent legal entanglement in Thailand, painting a vivid portrait of a complex internet sensation.

Who is Ice Poseidon and why is he famous?

Paul Denino, born on September 29, 1994, attended college to study finance before becoming a streamer.

His streaming career first started on Twitch. Paul’s journey started online gaming playing Old School RuneScape. He pioneered what’s known as the IRL genre, and he would share real-life experiences in his streams. His pinnacle period occurred in 2017 when his IRL streams gained significant popularity. He even earned recognition as a “pioneer of IRL streamers”.

Paul began his live streaming career back in 2015 but his path hasn’t always been smooth sailing. He often finds himself in the middle of controversies and drama.

His big moment came in 2017 when he gained a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons.

In April 2017, Paul faced a major setback as he got permanently banned from Twitch. It all happened because he was live streaming while going to the Phoenix, Arizona airport. 

While streaming at the airport, he had a speaker attached to him. Viewers could donate and have a message read through text-to-voice on the speaker.

The situation escalated when a bomb threat was read aloud while he was sitting on a flight. This incident drew a lot of media attention, for all the wrong reasons.

After the Twitch ban, Ice Poseidon made a move to YouTube. He continued to livestream IRL content alongside other notable creators.

His most well-known collab was with Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, who served as his cameraman. In a short span, his Twitch audience also made the shift from Twitch to YouTube.

NameIce Poseidon
Real NamePaul Denino
Kick ChannelIce Poseidon (86,000 followers)
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1994
Net Worth$3 million

Ice Poseidon’s Toxic Fans

We have to address Ice Poseidon’s fanbase, who is often seen as one of the most edgy and toxic among streamers. The community, dubbed the “Purple Army,” has a significant presence on platforms like Discord and Reddit. 

The Purple Army has been met with mixed reactions. It is “toxic” due to the frequent use of offensive language and harassment within the community. One of Ice Poseidon’s trademarks is “stream sniping”. This is when he sends his fans to bombard another streamer’s broadcast.

His followers are known to engage in negative behavior. This includes targeting other streamers, displaying racism, and harassing content creators. His subreddit, r/Ice_Poseidon, faced consequences due to behavior like this. It was later quarantined which led to an eventual banning in 2019.

How did Ice Poseidon make his money?

Ice Poseidon made the majority of his money through streaming and crypto currency. Although, it hasn’t always been without scrutiny.

CoffeeZilla, a YouTube investigator, thrust Ice Poseidon into the spotlight due to his shady conduct. He uncovered an interesting aspect of Ice Poseidon’s activities. His promotion of a cryptocurrency named CXCoin to his audience. 

What sets this apart though, is the alleged exploitation of his viewers’ trust. Denino stands accused of promoting and benefiting from this pump and dump scheme.

In 2023, it was estimated that Paul’s net worth is around $3 million dollars.

What was the CXCoin Controversy?

Ice Poseidon admitted to pumping CXCoin and receiving around $500,000. But all this money came from one place: his loyal followers. 

CoffeeZilla’s video highlighted Ice Poseidon’s role in promoting CXCoin. Their conversation prompted Paul to acknowledge his involvement by saying:

Yeah, I could give the money back. It is within my power, but I am going to look out for myself and not do that. I don’t know like know what else to say. That’s just the most honest answer.

Source: Sportskeeda

He stated that he made $300,000 legitimately, and rejects claims of scamming or stealing from his followers.

He assures holders of CXCoin that he did not scam them. That they had the ability to sell their tokens if desired – even though the proof said otherwise.

From Twitch to YouTube

Following this ban, Denino redirected his efforts to YouTube. Even with the controversies, his followers—the “Purple Army”—accompanied him. A true rarity in the streaming world.

Ice Poseidon’s streams are notable for their distinctive style. They’re marked by edgy humor and interactions with viewers through features like text-to-speech.

Ice Poseidon’s life unfolded before his audience, inviting both intrigue and controversy. His trips to Europe, for instance, resulted in tabloid coverage about him. Gaining notoriety for eviction from hotels and disregarding local filming regulations.

His career has seen many transitions too. He ventured onto Microsoft’s streaming-platform, Mixer, in August 2019. However, Mixer’s eventual shutdown led to another chapter in his career story.

Where is Ice Poseidon streaming now?

Ice Poseidon’s journey continues as he sets his sights on Kick for his IRL streams. This return has sparked discussions online regarding his past.

If you’ve watched his transition, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Ice Poseidon. He recently grabbed attention for his involvement with the another controversial cryptocurrency; Rug. This choice stirred debates and concerns, adding another stain on his record.

Ice Poseidon usually streams live casino games like poker and black jack. He also plays slots and casino games like the “The Dog House” on Kick.

Does Ice Poseidon use fake money?

With a past as controversial is Ice Poseidon’s, it’s safe to assume that he is playing with fake money. For viewers who are unsure whether a streamer is playing with fill money or not, it’s prudent to assume they are until proven otherwise. Such arrangements can impact the dynamics of the gameplay, and being aware of this aspect adds context to the streams.

Who is Ice Poseidon dating?

It is suspected that Ice Poseidon is currently back with his ex-girlfriend Kimberly and has stated that he wants a baby.

That being said, his past personal life has sparked curiosity among fans. He was once married to Carolina Burt, an American DJ featured in Dash Dolls, but their divorce left his fans with more questions than answers.

Why did Ice Poseidon get arrested in Thailand?

Ice Poseidon recently found himself in a situation that led to his arrest in Thailand. It all started because of a controversial lap dance he performed on his girlfriend. She was dressed in lingerie during this lively gathering at a hotel restaurant. This act quickly escalated into legal trouble though, ultimately jeopardizing his freedom.

The incident unfolded live on Kick, sparking discontent from local authorities. They took action, leading to the arrest of Ice Poseidon and his crew. The consequences became evident when he disclosed that he could face prison for up to five years.

On June 30, Ice Poseidon shared insights into his situation through Discord. He revealed that he had already spent $12,000 to secure his release on bail. However, the prospect of spending an extended period in Thailand looms ahead. As of writing this, his court date is scheduled for next 2024.

The complications surrounding the incident stem from Thailand’s strict pornography laws. Since the act was live streamed, it led authorities to charge him with “distribution of obscene content.”

Since his arrest he has been facing challenging experiences. He was able to pay his bail and ultimately leave, but prior he detailed the grim conditions he endured in a Thai jail.

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