On Kick.com content creators have various avenues to earn money, providing them with opportunities to monetize their streaming efforts and make a living from their passion. Let’s delve into the ways streamers can earn money on Kick, based on the insights from reputable sources. Learn how Kick pays their creators – and how you can get paid to stream on the platform.

Most content creators do not rely on one source of income but diversify their revenue streams. The same goes for casino streamers: There are multiple ways how to monetize a successful channel. For all of them, one thing is needed: an audience.

If no one is watching your streams, there is little chance that you will make any money from it. So if you haven’t done so, read our Kick Streaming Guide that explains you how you get started and grow your audience.

Once you have gathered a few hundred viewers, it is time to make some money. Before we talk about how much you can earn on Kick.com, let’s take a look at the different revenue streams.

Making Money as a Small Streamer

  • Revenue Share: Kick operates on a 95/5 revenue split, where the majority of earnings, 95%, go directly to the live streaming creator. This model is highly favorable for streamers, allowing them to benefit significantly from their content’s popularity and viewership.
  • Viewer Tips: One of the key ways streamers can earn money on Kick is through viewer tips. Unlike some other platforms, all tips given by viewers go directly to the streamer. This direct financial support from the audience can be a substantial source of income for creators, especially for those with a dedicated and engaged fanbase.
  • Subscriptions: Similar to other streaming platforms, Kick offers subscription options for viewers to support their favorite streamers. Subscribers gain access to exclusive perks and benefits, providing an incentive for viewers to subscribe and a recurring revenue stream for the creators.
  • Donations & Fan Support: Beyond tips and subscriptions, content creators can receive additional financial support from their fans through donations. Viewers may choose to donate to the streamer during their live broadcasts, further contributing to the creator’s earnings.
  • Ad Revenue: While not as prevalent as on some other platforms, Kick also offers opportunities for ad revenue. Streamers may generate income through ads displayed on their channel, providing an additional stream of earnings.
  • Kick Creator Program: While not available yet, there has been announcement made by Trainwreckstv that all Kick streamers will get paid $16 per hour. This kind of fixed payment would be a novelty in the world of online streaming.

Making Money as a Bigger Streamer

  • Affiliate Links: As a casino streamer, once you have gathered an audience, it makes sense to promote gambling sites using affiliate links. Streamers get a commission for each player they refer to a casino. On Kick.com, Stake is the obvious choice to have as a casino partner.
  • Sponsorships & Brand Deals: Bigger streamers on Kick may attract sponsorships and brand deals from companies looking to reach their audience. These partnerships can be highly lucrative and can further supplement the streamer’s income.
  • Merchandise Sales: Many content creators leverage their brand and community to sell merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and other branded items. Kick streamers can set up merchandise stores and offer their viewers exclusive products, generating revenue through sales.
  • Events and Tournaments: Hosting events or participating in sponsored tournaments can also be a source of income for streamers. Companies or organizations may organize events and invite popular streamers to participate, providing them with compensation for their involvement.
  • In-Stream Ads & Promotions: Streamers can promote products or services during their broadcasts, receiving compensation for featuring sponsored content. However, maintaining authenticity and transparency is crucial to maintaining trust with their audience.

ℹ️ Keep in mind that the earnings potential for each streamer on Kick will vary based on their viewership, engagement, and content quality.

Successful streamers often combine multiple income streams to maximize their earnings and create a sustainable income from their streaming endeavors. As Kick.com continues to grow as a streaming platform, its revenue opportunities are likely to expand, providing content creators with even more ways to monetize their passion and creativity.

How Much Can You Earn as a Kick Streamer?

On Kick, the potential earnings for content creators can vary significantly based on various factors, including the streamer’s popularity, engagement with the audience, content quality, and the number of monetization avenues they utilize.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula for determining exact earnings. Earnings can range from a few hundred dollars per month to millions.

The good news is that even smaller streamers can earn a good amount of money. We estimate that having 1,000 viewers on average can lead to an income of $1,000 per month.

It gets better if you are starting to gather some subscriptions: The average sub on Kick.com costs $4.99 USD. So if you managed to gather 1,000 paid subscribers, you’ll earn around $4,750 USD – after Kick took their modest cut of 5 %.

After doing some research, we found that for smaller streamers on Kick it’s crucial to focus on quality content, engagement, and building meaningful connections with their audience. Engaging with your viewers, listening to their feedback, and tailoring your content to their interests can help foster growth and support.

While the earnings may not be as significant as those of larger streamers, starting small on Kick allows creators to gain valuable experience and refine their craft. As they continue to develop their brand and attract more viewers, the potential for earning more on the platform increases, creating a path to potentially greater financial success.

It’s important to note that the earnings potential on Kick is highly individual and depends on the streamer’s ability to build a dedicated and engaged fanbase, create compelling content, and effectively leverage multiple income streams.

Successful streamers who excel in these areas can potentially earn substantial amounts on the platform, enabling them to make a living from their passion for streaming and content creation. However, for new or less-established streamers, it may take time and consistent effort to grow their audience and realize significant earnings on Kick.

How Much Do the Top Streamers Make on Kick?

With contract deals worth hundreds of million for streamers like xQc, and a 95/5 revenue split for streamers the question remains: How much money are the top streamers really making?

Trainwreckstv, one of the platform’s most popular streamers, recently took to social media to reveal the remarkable revenue figures produced by Kick.com’s subscription service.

In a tweet, he proudly showcased the earnings generated from a modest 3.5k subscriptions, and the jaw-dropping total came to a staggering $16,047. This extraordinary display of revenue showcases the immense earning potential that content creators can unlock on Kick’s platform.

Streamers seeking a platform with a revenue-sharing model that prioritizes their financial success, may find Kick a compelling alternative to traditional streaming platforms like Twitch.

Kick Creator Program Available Soon

With the Kick Creator Program, streamers will be able to claim a $16 wage for each hour streamed – no matter how big or small they are. Although this has just been announced and is not available yet, expectations are high. The Kick Creator Program is just another way how to earn money on Kick.

Under the Creator Program, streamers will be paid per streaming hour based on several factors, including the number of hours streamed, a flat rate based on advertising CPMs, average viewership, and viewer demographics and engagement.

More details about the Creator Program will be released soon. The aim of the program is to ensure that all streamers receive fair compensation for their effort and time.

Twitch vs Kick: How Does the Payout to Creators Differ?

When comparing the payout to creators on Twitch and Kick, there are significant differences in their revenue-sharing models and the opportunities they offer to content creators. Let’s explore these differences based on insights from the provided references.

Twitch Payout Model: Controversial Conditions

Twitch operates on a tiered subscription model for revenue generation. Creators on Twitch can earn money through the following methods:

Subscriptions: Twitch offers three tiers of subscriptions – Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 – each with different monthly costs for viewers. Streamers receive a portion of the subscription revenue with Twitch taking a percentage cut – although it’s worth noting that recently the split dropped from 70/30 to 50/50. The exact revenue split varies based on factors such as the creator’s partnership status and the number of subscribers.

Bits: Viewers can support streamers by purchasing virtual “Bits” through extensions on your channel page and cheering them on during streams. Streamers earn 80% of 1 cent per Bit used and the remaining 20% is shared with the Extension developer.

Ad Revenue: Twitch generates ad revenue from ads shown during streams, and creators receive a portion of this revenue based on factors such as the number of ad views and their partnership status. The split from revenue varies for each creator, similar to the subscriptions model. On average streamers will receive $0.25 cents – $4.50 US per 1000 impressions but can increase during busy seasons like the holidays, where advertisers are willing to spend more money.

Donations: Viewers can directly donate money to their favorite streamers, and creators receive a fixed percentage of these donations, usually the same split as their subscription model.

Kick Payout Model: The Famous 95/5 Split

Kick’s revenue-sharing model is characterized by a 95/5 split, which heavily favors the content creators. The platform’s approach is centered around empowering streamers and ensuring they receive a significant portion of the earnings. Here are the main ways creators can earn money on Kick:

Viewer Donations: The majority of revenue on Kick comes from viewer tips. When viewers enjoy a creator’s content, they can tip them directly, and the streamer retains the entirety of the tip amount, called “Kicks”.

Subscriptions: Similar to Twitch, Kick offers subscription options for viewers who want to support their favorite creators. The revenue split for subscriptions on Kick is 95/5 split, which is heavily in favor of the streamer, ensuring they benefit the most from subscriber support.

Sponsorships and Brand Deals: Content creators on Kick have opportunities to collaborate with brands and secure sponsorships, which can lead to additional income streams. That being said, Twitch sells ad-space to a broader range of advertisers, due to their established reputation.

Most Creators Earn More on Kick Compared to Twitch

The key difference between Twitch and Kick lies in their revenue-sharing models. While Twitch operates on a tiered system, with varying splits for subscriptions and bits, Kick maintains a consistent 95/5 split that heavily favors creators. This means that on Kick, creators retain a significant portion of the earnings from tips, subscriptions, and donations, providing them with a more direct and substantial source of income.

Moreover, Kick’s emphasis on supporting creators’ financial growth and encouraging a sense of ownership over their earnings has garnered attention in the streaming community. This straightforward and transparent approach to revenue-sharing has been a driving force in attracting content creators to the platform.

In conclusion, the payout to creators differs significantly between Twitch and Kick. While Twitch operates on a tiered revenue-sharing model, Kick adopts a more creator-centric approach with a 95/5 split.

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