Drake Bets $12 Million in Live Roulette Stream With Streamer Roshtein

In the latest episode of the “Drake Vs Stake” series on Twitch, Roshtein joined Drake to have an amazing time playing live roulette together. With $12 million in the starting balance, the memorable night was marked by a lot of fun and some big wins for the dream team duo.

Somewhere in Canada

The StakeXDrake stream lasted 2 hours and took place in a red neon light arcade during Roshtein’s Canada trip. This was the first time ever that Roshtein was streaming from any other country than Malta, so this special event for him and his community engaged a lot of excited fans. 

Fans following the event could get a further glimpse of how the setup and atmosphere looked from the story that Roshtein shared on his Twitter account. Roshtein has been very active on Twitter with tweets about Drake since more than a year ago, indicating that the friendship between the two stars has existed for a while.

Drake showed up in a classic Thierry Henry-era Arsenal shirt, boasting his support for the Arsenal match of that weekend on which he bet an enormous $620,000. 

Any bettor aware of Drake’s past sports bets would be familiar with the ‘Drake Curse’. From Anthony Joshua to F.C. Liverpool, it seems that any athlete or club that Drake wagers on ends up suffering a terrible defeat. This time, however, the curse did not seem to affect Drake who ended up with some hefty gains.

A Profitable Night

Playing one of the most popular casino games of roulette, Drake started with almost $12 million in his balance and was betting around $1 million with each spin of the roulette ball. The big stakes led to some big wins, most notably the $12,240,000 hit when the ball landed on number 11 black. 

Joy was apparent on both of their faces when this nearly brought their balance to a whopping $20 million. Soon enough, the same number 11 hit again, earning them an additional $6,660,000, increasing their balance even higher.

They also tried their luck with some slots such as the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot, with which Roshtein only last year broke all records with an epic $9 million win. This time around, however, it didn’t hit big and neither did the Hand of Anubis slot, but they had some luck with a $1 million win on Dork Unit.

The duo were not the only ones to have a lot of fun and earn big profits that night. The stream included a big giveaway party for Drake’s fans and Stake casino members, with each winner receiving $20,000! 

Lucky individuals were selected not only from Canada but all over the world as well. To top it off, Drake even called some of the winners during the stream to personally congratulate them and give them a night to remember.

Drake’s Betting Habits

The Toronto star has never been shy about sharing his gambling activity with his fans. From Formula 1 and UFC to casino games, it would appear that his love of gambling is all-encompassing. In March 2022, he announced his affiliation with the crypto casino Stake.com and in just two months, he wagered cryptocurrency bets with a total value of over $1 billion.

In contrast to the ‘Drake Curse’ with sports bets, Drake has frequently scored big casino wins, especially when betting with a partner such as Roshtein on this occasion. 

Some of his previous partners and wins include Lil Baby, when Drake scored a massive $17.9 million win in a single spin of the roulette table. Fascinatingly enough, this also happened with his lucky number, black 11. 

Less than two months later, the Moroccan rapper French Montana joined Drake for the second episode of “Drake Vs Stake” where Drake ended up winning a whopping $24.9 million. Unfortunately for him, he lost all of it immediately after, but luckily for the fans, on this occasion too Drake gave away $1 million worth of Bitcoin to the followers of the event.

Not all has been bad on Drake’s sports betting front, either. Besides the Drake Curse, the rapper has recorded some significant wins too. In July, a successful UFC wager on Israel Adesanya earned him a good sum of over $220,000. Just 10 days later, another UFC wager on Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann netted him a staggering $1.5 million.

Rappers Love to Gamble

Drake is not the only rapper that appreciates the casino culture. Many other prominent figures such as 50 Cent and Jay-Z are also known to be regular players. Both of these iconic stars like to bet with high stakes and are also known to bet on sports. 

Among others, we have poker lovers such as Young Thug, Nelly and Diddy. Another big name in the rapping scene who likes betting big is Birdman.

Many of these rappers have taken part in online casinos. As of now, only a small number of states in the US offer public access to legal online casinos, but more states are likely to legalize these online gambling platforms in the near future. 

The first online casinos started operating in 2013 in New Jersey. They were joined by Pennsylvania in 2017, West Virginia in 2020, and Michigan, Delaware and Connecticut in 2021. 

Online gambling allows people to access their preferred casino games and sports wagers on their smartphones and desktops. It is a trending topic right now, and we might see it spread around the world more and more in the near future.

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