Brian Christopher Slots – Everthing About Canada’s Favorite Casino Influencer

There are plenty of casino and gambling streamers out there fighting for the attention of the YouTube gambling community. The most successful Casino content creator in North America is known to be Brian Christopher. The US-based YouTuber aggregated over 250 Million views in the past years and created a vivid community around his channel. Clever Casino gathered all facts and debunks all myths around America’s biggest casino influencer.

Brian Christopher

Who is Brian Christopher?

Brain Christopher was born February 26, 1981, in Burlington, Canada. He grew up together with two siblings in the Toronto suburb and ever since had a burning passion for acting and theater. Already then, young Brian showed his talent for creating compelling content, as he would write scripts for the local elementary school plays. At the age of 18, he was awarded the title Junior Citizen of the Year and received several scholarships as a young student. 

After High school, Brian Christopher enrolled at the Second City Conservatory in Toronto for contemporary Theater Performance. It was also around this time that Christopher discovered his passion for slots. He would spend many evenings a month discovering the latest slot machines in different Toronto Casinos and found the passions that would make him famous in the years to come.

Real nameBrian Christopher
Youtube ChannelBrian Christopher Slots
Country of OriginCanada
CityBurlington, Ontario
Net WorthApproximately 4.5 million USD
Highest Win11,296 USD
Preferred CasinoN1 Casino
Favorite SlotBook of Dead

During his studies, Brain had a chance to endeavor in travels around Europe, which included visits to France and Germany. After managing a bar in Paris, 24-year-old Brian Christopher returned to Toronto to endure in the Canadian film and TV scene. Before his YouTube career, he was seen in various Canadian TV Series and Short Movies. In 2015 Brian moved to Los Angeles to step foot into the US entertainment industry while parallelly creating his YouTube channel. 

Unknowingly, Christopher initiated what was about to become the biggest gambling channel on YouTube when he published his first Slot Video on April 19th, 2016. The video summarizes some wins from a successful slot session in Vegas. Brian proudly shows off his huge win as he doubles his money on slot machines such as Buffalo Stampede, Easy Money, Lightning Link, and Wizard of Oz.

In the years to follow, Brain Christopher Slots grew into the largest Casino channel in North America, where the Slot-Veteran uploads daily videos and connects them with his Facebook account. Currently, the channel has over 470,000 subscribers and counts hundreds of millions of views.

Today, Brian Christopher operates the channel as a content creator and employs a team of 6 people that support him with managing his channels and the creation of content. There is a huge community of supporters behind Christopher that enjoy his watching the Canadian win massive jackpots. You can see fans wearing the BC Slots Merch all over Casinos in the US and Canada. 

Brain Christopher Slots

Brian Christopher Slots is the name of Brian Christopher’s YouTube Channel and also his company. Brain and his team created the brand around his name, which is marketed through the BCSlots company. Throughout the years, the Brian Christopher Slots brand name was used for launching merch, community parties, and even co-create BC’s very own Slot with Gaming Arts. Since its launch in 2016, Brian Christopher Slots has become the biggest and most important gambling influencer in America and possibly the entire world.

The BCSlots channel has over 500,000 Followers on YouTube and another 300,000 on Instagram and Facebook combined, where he posts daily gambling videos and live streams. Most of BC’s videos receive more than 100,000 views, which makes Brian Christopher Slots the most successful gambling-related channel on YouTube. 

The Brian Christopher Slots community is referred to as “rudies”. The naming of the community is based on Brian’s catchphrase “rude” which he calls out whenever one of the slot machines in his videos refuses to show winning symbols on the reels. In the meanwhile, “rude” has become the motto of the BCSlots community and whenever Brian Christopher misses the bonus feature at a slot machine, you can hear a bunch of fans call out the word in agony.

Brian Christopher runs all his business activities under the BCSlots brand. Brian Christopher and his colleagues jointly run the BCSlots organization and all media across the different channels. The team is led by Britt and Brian’s husband, Marco, who supervise content creation and are in charge of making deals with casinos and other advertisers.

The company is based in Palm Springs, where most of BCSlots’ business activity takes place and the majority of the channel’s videos are created.

Brian Christopher Streaming

In his streams, Brian Christopher regularly breaks huge jackpots in Casinos all over North America and makes sure that it’s noticed by the entire casino. His thrilling live plays gather massive crowds behind the seat that cheer for Brian to crack the jackpots.

The Canadian is mostly known for playing regular slot machines or video slots, just like they can be found in essentially any casino in North America. Brian normally bets between 5 and 100 USD per spin and sets a budget of up to 10,000 Dollars per session. BC’s strategy is to start with low single-digit bets that he increases throughout his streams. As a consequence, his streams become increasingly captivating, and the huge Jackpots (if any) tend to happen towards the end of his streams. 

This way he retains control over his budget and manages to capture some very profitable feature games in which he can multiply his bet with multipliers in the thousands. Despite mainly posting videos of winning large jackpots and gambling with high stakes, Brian Christopher remains honest to his fans. He never claims that gambling can earn anyone money, and that the times between hitting a feature on a machine or winning a jackpot can be long and tedious. Brian knows the machines he is handling exceptionally well and takes his time to explain to newbies how the features and special symbols on the reels work. 

Another specialty of his is slot machines with multiplier bets. This game mode is widely popular in Canadian casinos and provides the game with an additional element of thrill. 

By activating multiplier bets, Brian sets the machine to automatically double his bets at each turn. He repeats to square his bet until he reaches the bet limit of the slot, only to drop to his initial single-digit bet. The advantage of this game mode is the additional element of surprise that the ever-changing best bring to the table. Big losses but also huge wins can happen within just seconds of each other. Whenever he streams from a casino, he keeps his audience informed about what’s going on the screen and keeps track of his gambling budget for the stream. 

Brian enjoys the thrill of slot machines and discovering the small quirks and features that the games offer. Most of his streams consist of filming the slots’ reels and commenting on what is happening on the screen. It is not rare that Brian’s husband Marco or some of his numerous fans join the stream and provide some witty comments from behind the chair.      

Brian’s Biggest Wins

Brian Christopher can look back to a long career of winning jackpots in casinos all over Canada and the USA. Brian won his largest jackpot to date on September 4th, 2020 at the Angel of the Winds Casino in Washington. With a bet of 20 Dollars, at the Cannonball Express slot machine, he was able to crack a jackpot of 11,296 USD. He was able to achieve this multiplier of 596x by getting 3 train symbols on his reels. In this slot machine, the train symbol is used as the scatter, which activates the bonus game.

The bonus game activates 12 free spins in which the player can gather additional train symbols that multiply the wins on each row, but also serve as bonus symbols that will complete the streaks on each of the winning lines. In his second to last free spin, Brian finds himself blessed by another 3 scatter symbols, which extend his free spins in the slot and keep him in the game. It truly seems to be BC’s lucky day as he manages to extend the free spins a total of 3 times, which results in total earnings of over 11,900 USD. Over 1.2 Million fans have seen Brian win his largest jackpot ever since and are hungry for more mind-bending winning streaks on his casino channel. 

Where can you watch Brian Christopher?

Brian Christopher’s main channel is Brian Christopher Slots on YouTube. He has over 470,000 subscribers on the platform that regularly watch him cash out on the jackpots. BC is considered to be America’s largest gambling influencer, which also shows in his many followers on Facebook and Instagram. Christopher is followed by more than 540,000 fans on Facebook, where he gathered and entertained his community ever since.

Fans love Brian’s streams and celebrate all of his wins with their idol. BC Slots proves that gambling can indeed be wholesome and entertaining – while making sure to be aware and sustainable at the same time. Brian Christopher posts his slot videos daily across most of his platforms. If you want to make sure not to miss any of his videos, you should subscribe to his channel, BC slots. It is also his YouTube channel where fans get to see his lice streams, which are streamed 2-3 times a week live from different casinos across Canada and the US.

Brian Christopher’s favorite slots

The most important element of any good slot machine is the bonus games. BC loves explaining the quirky features that each machine has to offer and makes sure that all viewers no matter their level of experience level can follow. BC features highly volatile slots in his videos that have an option to enter bonus games and features that offer incremental multipliers or other special symbols that significantly increase his chances of winning high payouts. His favorite online slots are Book of Dead, Money Train 2and Dead or Alive 2.

Which Casino does Brian Christopher play at?

Brain Christopher is known to record in loads of different casinos all over North America. Most of his videos were shot in Las Vegas, but he travels all over the country to find quirky casinos and slot machines wherever they can be found. Despite his love for all types of casinos, Brian Christopher chooses the locations of his video shoots very carefully. He values sustainable gambling and health in all his streams. This is why America’s biggest casino influencer only visits casinos that have a strict non-smoking policy on all of their casino floors.

If you want to follow in Brian Christopher’s footsteps, you do not necessarily need to travel to each casino to test your luck. There is a quick and easy way to do so from the comfort of your own home and enjoy all machines from Brian’s streams. The Clever Casino Team gathered a list of Online Casinos that offer Brian’s favorite games and bonus features. Further, online slots pose a number of clear advantages over their land-based counterparts. Besides offering superior customer service, discretion, and a higher level of convenience, online casinos provide a better offering for gamers. Payout rates at Canadian online casinos are on average 5-7% higher than in land-based venues. Additionally, you might be eligible for a welcome bonus, which further increases your chances of winning a large jackpot in one of your favorite slots.

You can find a selection of the best Canadian online casinos with BC games below:

Brian Christopher's Favorite Casinos
N1 Casino
C$6,000 Bonus
+ 200 Free Spins
C$200 Bonus
+ 100 Extra Spins
Casino Tropez
C$3,000 Bonus
for new customers

Brian Christopher Today

In 2022 Brian Christopher successfully manages a joined partnership with numerous casinos and still successfully operates his channels. Fans can still follow him around different casinos all across the US and Canada and watch him play on various casino floors. 

Brian Christopher was recently on the MaxBet Podcast with Mike McKiski and Landon Jones where he discussed the future of his channels. His agenda for 2022 covers a stronger involvement in making casino floors smoke-free and promoting his own Slot machine Pop ‘n Pays. This year, BCSlots’ channels are growing constantly as the team focuses on creating better products that are targeted at their community. Further, BCSlots also try to improve the gaming experience on the casino floors across America by launching new events and offers.

We can clearly see that Brian Christopher is trying to create full entertainment solutions for his fans and enters more and more serious partnerships with huge players from the gambling industry. We are excited to see with Brian and his team will come up with next and how they will surprise their community with cool, innovative stuff.

How old is Brian Christopher?

In 2022 Brian Christopher is 41 years old. He was born on February 26th in Burlington, Canada, where he grew up before attending an acting education in Toronto.

Who is Brian Christopher?

Brian Christopher is North America’s most popular casino influencer. He has been creating gambling content on platforms like YouTube and Facebook since 2016. With over 250 Million total views and over 470,000 followers, he entertains thousands of slot fans all over Canada and the USA with his daily casino videos.

Who is Britt on Brian Christopher Slots?

Britt Carter is Brian Christopher’s Marketing and Business Relations manager. In BC Slots’ videos, she loves to stand in the background and cheer in the crowd. She is in charge of building partnerships with Brian’s business partners and manages the content on their various channels. She has a professional background in travel management and is an integral part of Brian’s team. 

What does Brian’s husband Marco do for a living?

Marco is Brian Christopher’s husband and helps him with running BC Slots’ daily business activities. The two have known each other for 16 years, and you will be sure to hear Marco cheering for his husband in many of their videos. Lately, Marco has started his own career as a YouTuber, but still supports Brian from behind the scenes.

What is Brian Christopher’s net worth?

Brian Christopher’s net worth is estimated at 8.5 Million dollars. The Canadian YouTuber is America’s most famous gambling influencer. His company BC Slots employs 18 workers and is located in Palm Springs, CA. His main sources of revenue arise from streaming on various platforms, advertising for casinos, and selling merch to his fan base. 

Does BC gamble with his own money?

Yes, Brian Christopher gambles with his own money in his streams. On average, Brian Christopher bets between 80,000 and 150,000 USD in a given month. He finances his gambling budget by advertising for various casinos and displaying paid promotions on YouTube and Facebook.

Is Brian Christopher gay?

Brain Christopher is an active member of the LGBTQ+ community. Brian is married to his husband Marco, who is deeply involved in the daily business activities around BC Slots. Both met 16 years ago in London, Ontario, and have been married since 2017. 

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