Brian Christopher launches exclusive cruise package with Carnival

Brian Christopher slots expands his entertainment offering and invites his fans to join him on an exclusive Carnival cruise through the Caribbean. Fans can follow Brian’s footsteps and play at the same machines as the casino influencer himself. Find out everything about the collaboration between BC Slots and Carnival here.

Brian Christopher became famous through his YouTube channel, Brian Christopher slots. This is a slot machine gambling channel where he posts daily gambling adventure videos. He also posts live streams every week from casinos in different places worldwide. He started the channel on 17th June 2006, and it has grown to over 450,000 subscribers and over 350,000,000 views.

He has put up over 3,300 videos, each getting several hundred views and some millions. His YouTube channel is purely for entertainment, and his audience is usually people over 18 years or those who don’t have gambling-related problems. He also teaches his audience how to play slots in casinos worldwide, betting for as low as $1 and as high as $100.

Brian says that his YouTube channel is his full-time job, and he has hired a team of nine employees to ensure it keeps running smoothly. Since he does not want his followers to become gambling addicts or have financial problems because of gambling, he often advises them on how to gamble wisely.

One of the important things he reminds his followers is to be smart about the money they use to gamble. He says that he has an entertainment budget that he uses to gamble. This way, he will never use money meant for anything else or from his savings account.

While he is an expert at slot games, he reminds his followers that it is a losing sport, and even he loses like any other player. He advises people not to play with the intention of always winning or recovering the lost money because that’s how big losses start.

To increase the chances of winning, he advises his followers to play on the more expensive denomination machines. This is because they have higher payout percentages. However, according to Christopher, low volatility type machines are the best for people with small budgets.

Brian Christopher Slots currently announced upcoming gambling cruises in conjunction with Carnival Cruise Lines. He invites his followers and fans to book the cruises, enjoy exciting destinations, events, receptions, cocktails, etc., and the slot machine gambling fun. Carnival tailored this cruise specifically to slot-fans and allows you to follow Brian Christopher Slots footsteps and play the exact machines he shows in his streams. During the cruise, lots of fans gather around BC’s slot machine and watch him feed the machines with up to 70 Dollars per spin. We think Brian Christopher is taking a step in the right direction of offering his community better opportunities to be entertained, the Brian Christopher way.

How to Book

Carnival Cruise line has a Fun Match program which you could use to win a free or discounted cruise. It only requires you to send a photo of your cruise or land-based casino loyalty program player’s card.

For New members

Step 1: Sign in

If it’s your first time cruising with Carnival Cruise Line, the first step is signing up for free, and there are no obligations. That automatically qualifies you to receive introductory offers with amazing benefits like free drinks inside the casino, discounted rates in the cruise casino, $50 in free play, and free upgrades.

You can also check your email this coming week to determine if you qualify for bigger offers like a free cruise.

People who have sailed with Carnival

Step 1: Check your offers

If you have traveled with Carnival before, you might already have qualified for amazing Brian Christopher Slot’s offers waiting on the cruise.

If you don’t have any Brian Christopher Slots Cruises offers, use your current VIFP number to join Fun Match, then send your land-based player’s card information to register you for onboard events. After that, feel free to book any available offer.

International cruises

Currently, Fun Match is only available to United States residents. Therefore, if you want to join the cruise from elsewhere, ensure you email Carnival Cruise Line after booking with your confirmation number, name, and VIFP number. This way, you will be added to the group.

Step 2: Book the cruise

You can book several cruises for fun-filled slot tournaments, welcome parties, group pulls, farewell parties, etc., and enjoy being on board with Brian Christopher.


What does the cruise include?

You will have free food plus light beverages like regular water, coffee, juice, and tea. This excludes specialty cafes, restaurants, bottled water, sodas, and alcohol. If you are a Fun match program member, you will have access to free alcoholic drinks while gambling in the cruise casino.

What additional costs will I have?

In addition to specialty foods and drinks, you will have to pay for your taxes, gratuities, port fees, excursions, and internet.

Can I use my casino free cruise offer for cruise discounts?

Yes. You only have to register for the cruise and upload your valid free cruise copy. If it is comparable, you will qualify to win a free cruise.

After how long will I get a response from Carnival Cruise Line about my offers?

Signing up, uploading your offers, and finalizing your booking takes approximately a week.

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