Brian Christopher Slots launches own Slot – Pop ‘n Pay with Gaming Arts

In the past, Brian Christopher Slots also spoke about his dream of designing his very own slot machine and launching it on different casino floors all over the continent. BC’s dream has come true now as Games developer Gaming Arts launches an exclusive machine with BC’s name. Find out how it works and how you can make it pay below!

Pop’ n Pay is the latest Slot Game from Brian Christopher Slots, powered by Gaming Arts. Pop’ n Pay is a minimalistic Slot for players who want to see the fruits of their labor come home with minimal fuss. It has five symbols on three reel rows, with one special symbol that can provide you with a Gusher payout when it appears in two adjacent reels. The slots are also featured on BC Slots and Carnival cruises joined Caribbean cruises.

Pop ‘n Play is part of the Brian Christopher Slots series, a series of simple Slot games designed for casual players and players who want to spend more time playing than worrying about their wins. Players can either wager in three denominations (1, 3, and 10 coins) with a maximum bet of 30 coins per spin or play in max bet mode, which allows players to wager up to 150 coins per spin.

The game aims to land matching symbols on adjacent reels to win payouts. Losing combinations will be paid out coins times the value of the matching symbol. Landing two or more Gusher symbols in adjacent reels will pay out with a multiplier of 150 times the line bet. The maximum payout is reached by landing five Gusher symbols on any active line.

How To Play The Game

1. Place your coins, start the auto spin and select a game mode.

If you are in max bet mode, press the “Bet Max” button. It will start the auto spin with a 150 coin bet on all 15 lines.

2. The auto spin will run; you can stop it by pressing the “Stop” button.

You can press it many times to get more coins or keep playing until you have won the maximum you want or lost your coins.

3. Select the first coin denomination using the “1 Coin” or “3 Coin” buttons.

You can select multiple denominations by pressing the corresponding number of times on the “Reduce Bet” or “Add To Bet” buttons until you are satisfied with your selections. Brian Christopher insisted on this feature, as it is one of the essential elements in each of BC Slots’s streams.

4. Press Spin to play your game.

Depending on which coin denomination you have selected, this will either be an invisible shuffle or a visible rotating of all three reels. It will then spin the reels, and they will stop at any random position.

5. You can press the Start button to start playing at that position.

You can press “Stop” to stop at any position and start again at your first choice. Or you can press the “Repeat” button to keep repeating this process until you have finished all 15 positions once or more times.

6. Once you have decided on your first choice, press the “Bet Max” button to increase your bet to 1, 3, or 10 coins.

Some of the symbols may be covered by a Gusher symbol. It means that on all adjacent reels with Gusher symbols, it will pay you the value of that symbol x 150.

7. You can hold the left mouse button to see which symbol spreads throughout your screen.

You can press the space bar to see what has already happened on each reel and where you currently are in the game. It will also show you which symbol is the Gusher.

8. The “Stop” button, the “Bet Max” button, and the “Spin” button will all do different things depending on what you are doing and where you are in the game.

Pressing it to stop at a specific position when you have not yet pressed the “Bet Max” button will stop your auto spin at that position and start your regular spins.

If you have already pressed it to bet max, pressing it again will repeat your auto spin or return you to your regular spins if you were in that position.

9. Once you are happy with your selection and wager, press “Spin” again, and the game will progress, and new combinations will appear until you have won or lost your coins.

The more coins you bet, the higher the chance of having a win for each outcome on each spin. The game will end after the last spin if you lose all your coins.

The game is simple and can be played in a short period. Playing an entire line takes 4 or 5 minutes to 15 choices out of 50 possible positions). It doesn’t have the complex rules of most slots. The simplicity makes it more entertaining and less stressful for the player. If you are looking for an exciting but easy casino game, this could be just what you need.

Gaming Arts has designed this game to be used as an educational tool in schools, colleges, and industry training centers. It will be an example of a simple game that rewards the player in both win and lose scenarios. It will be used as part of the teaching program to show which games enable players to win more than they lose.

The game is based on a real land-based Slot machine, but has been recreated to allow a much simpler user experience.

This game will only be available through the main Gaming Arts website and not through any other sites; they want it to be a unique educational tool rather than imitate many other online slot games on the Internet.

This game is expected to run on Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, and Linux Ubuntu 10.

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